First blog post!!!

Since this is my first post, I want to introduce the purpose of this blog. Each week I will be posting about the weekly progress of my business, a product review, and a tip of the week. I’ll post a recipe every other week. Many people ask for recipes, but to be honest, I’m just not good at writing them down. If any of you have any suggestions for topics, feel free to let me know!

For those of you who don’t know, I have unofficially started my own business!!! I started a booth at the Food for Thought Market on Thursday nights the first week of August. To my surprise, it has taken off and attracted many vegans and non-vegans alike. In the short month and a half I have been doing markets and personal catering, I have met over 20 vegans, and exposed hundreds of Wyomingites to vegan food!

Many people ask me “Why Vegan in Wyoming?”,  there are many reasons. The first being my Instagram handle. When I moved back to Casper after culinary school in NYC, I changed my Instagram to @veganinwyoming in hopes of getting more followers. That didn’t necessarily happen, but I did begin to get a few more local followers and met a fellow vegan (first vegan in WY ever!!!) Second I was wanting something easy for people to find. I have talked to quite a few people who are newly vegan or trying to figure how to go vegan in the Cowboy State will search those exact words. Not surprising, there wasn’t much out there. Finally, I wanted to create a way to show people how easy it is to be vegan here. A lot of people have the conception that going vegan here is very difficult. It can be, but I’m on a mission to make vegan food more available and less intimidating to everyone. I’ve learned that this is my way of being a vegan activist. I used to think I would have to protest or convert people to be an activist. Now I see that simply by sharing my passion for veganism and cooking with others, I am being very active in the vegan community.

That being said, business is going well so far. I’ve never sold out at a market yet, but that doesn’t matter to me. I’m just happy to be able to share my passion for veganism and for cooking with my local community. I have done many farmer’s markets and just finished my first big all day market on Saturday the 16th. There is nothing more rewarding than someone telling me that my cupcakes taste better than any other cupcake they’ve had. All I hope is that I can show at least one person there are options out there and living a cruelty free and compassionate lifestyle is a lot easier than they thought.

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  1. Sharon McAllister says:

    I get it Kiki 😊 I would love to see everyone take up the vegan path. Attraction not promotion may be the way to go. Maybe others will want what you have. I wish everyone would join us on this journey. It would be amazing to see how the world could change. Compassion goes a long way. I love you & hope your entrepreneurial pursuits are a success.

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