Weekly Update: September 20-27

Yet another week has passed. Time has been flying by and I can’t believe I’ve been doing Vegan in Wyoming for almost two months! There have been many great things this week, but some things have started to slow down. It’s all part of the journey that I look forward to sharing with others every step of the way!!!

This week was interesting because we traveled over the weekend. Usually when I travel I go places that have more vegan options than here in Casper. This was not the case at all… I was in Pinedale and had to put my prep and survival skills to the test. Now usually I am not too picky and can find something from the grocery store to eat, but this was different. I was trying to nourish my body and try to eat a good balance of protein, carbs, fiber, and fat as I was to run a half marathon race while on this trip. For someone who usually cooks on a whim and doesn’t plan meals at all, this seemed slightly stressful at first. Luckily, everything went well and was a lot easier than I was making it out to be. I brought most of my own food, but was able to supplement it with some grocery store finds. When I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to find a variety of non-dairy milks and yogurts at one of the local stores as well as a decent nut and seed butter selection. They had nothing as far as sweets go, so I was glad I brought some cookies and muffins I made earlier in the week (I’m the kind of person who needs dessert after every meal). Overall, the shopping experience was a fun adventure, but nothing too groundbreaking and I survived the weekend.

Business wise, things seem to be slowing down for the moment. I don’t have any big orders and the markets are getting smaller. I’m still working on building a clientele for meals to go. I’m just hoping that will start to grow. I am doing a bigger market on November 2nd for a Day of the Dead event, which I’m really looking forward to. I’m doing the Thursday markets still, but they seem to be slow, which is fine with me. It gives me an opposition to test different desserts that I normally wouldn’t do.

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