Product Review: Daiya Plain Greek Yogurt

Daiya, the vegan cheese alternative pioneer! I remember how excited I was when Daiya came out. I couldn’t wait to have a vegan cheese that actually melted and stretched like real cheese. I ate quite a bit of it a few years ago, but something was off. I tried all of the Daiya products as they came out, excited to see what each new creation tasted like. Each and every time I have been let down only to find that they all taste the same. They all have this strange taste that I typically refer to as the “Daiya funk”. Needless to say, people love Daiya, otherwise the company wouldn’t make the vast variety of products that they do. Their products range from cheesecakes to salad dressings, and of course cheeses. I decided to be brave this week and try the yogurt. I found it at my local Albertsons and this thing had been staring me down for the past couple weeks. I have had the fruit flavored kind and wasn’t hugely impressed, so I decided to try the plain Greek yogurt.

When I purchased the yogurt, I was hopeful that it would taste good but very hesitant of trying it. I figured I needed to bite the bullet and go for it anyway. I mean, the company keeps coming out with new products for a reason! I’m not going to lie, I was dreading this one though. I decided to try it for breakfast since I almost always have yogurt with my breakfast. I usually make my own yogurt or get the Kite Hill plain, so this was going to be very different no matter what. Texture wise, it was nice. It was exactly what I expected. It was thick, creamy, and required some stirring. I took the first spoonful with a  lot of hesitation, and it was just like every other Daiya product. It had the “Daiya funk”… It was not good on its own. It had the tang of yogurt, and the texture was good, I just couldn’t get past the overpowering flavor of what ever it is that makes Daiya products taste the way they do. It was bad, I couldn’t get past my one spoonful. I knew the only way it would be edible was if I mixed it into something else. I put it with a smoothie bowl and a broken up rice cake and mixed it in really well and it actually wasn’t bad. It delivered the slight tang I like from yogurt and helped make it creamier. I think that is the only way I can tolerate it though.


Looking at the ingredients, I was definitely not impressed either. In the Kite Hill the only stabilizers are xanthan gum, locust bean gum, and agar. I’m always skeptical when I see things like “pea protein isolate” or “potato protein”. I’m not entirely sure how those are extracted, but I try to stay away from things like that knowing that they are highly processed. Best bet here is to go for a yogurt with less than 10 ingredients or make your own.

I knew I couldn’t have too high expectations, but I didn’t expect it to be that bad. I wouldn’t recommend it unless it’s the only plain yogurt available, and at that point I would just make my own. It would be alright in baked goods that call for yogurt for moisture, but on its own it just isn’t pleasant. I am afraid to dive into the rest as I only got through half of the container. This is my personal opinion of course, some people actually like the stuff. I hope this review was helpful to some of you!

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  1. Lauren says:

    I didn’t even know they made yogurt….We use the So Delicious Coconut yogurt–even my dairy-loving husband thinks it’s amazing. 🙂 I understand the “Daiya funk” flavor…even though I personally really like Daiya cheese, I’m not so sure I’d like their yogurt.


    1. I like the So Delicious. I’m very interested in their cheese the just came out with.


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