Weekly update: October 5-11

Things are slowing down in my world this week. That by no means is a bad thing though. Slow weeks give me time to recipe test, and get some new projects started. This week is interesting because the Thursday markets are officially done, so I have had a little bit of extra time. It is amazing that all of this began from the Thursday farmer’s markets two short months ago.

When I signed up for the market, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I planned the first week out like my life depended on it. I knew what cupcakes I was going to make, I knew what larger desserts I was going to do, and I knew exactly how long I needed for everything. Most of that came from being absolutely terrified that I would make a mistake or that people wouldn’t like my food. I was so nervous as the night went on and I wasn’t selling out of cupcakes. I mean the cupcakes were supposed to be my signature dessert! If I wasn’t able to sell 100 mini cupcakes, I thought I was going to be a total failure. Well it turns out, selling over 100 cupcakes is unrealistic for most people in three hours and I also realized that it wasn’t all about the numbers. As the weeks went along, I got a feel for how much product I needed to make in order to not take 50 cupcakes home every week.

After the first market, I quickly learned that the impression I made on people was much more important than selling out every night. As the weeks passed I learned that people really liked my stuff! There were so many people who had found me on Facebook or Instagram and came to find me at the markets. That truly amazed me! I had no idea that so many people were vegan or even interested in vegan food. I had people who came back multiple times, I got to introduce some omnivores to vegan desserts, and I got to find the vegans I had been looking for since 2010!

It was all a learning experience. I went from having a really pathetic looking display on a plastic folding table to having a tent, banner, and matching shirts by the end. Everything was happening so fast, but it was just slow enough that I was able to enjoy watching Vegan in Wyoming grow into something that I hadn’t ever imagined.

Each week I found myself with more gratitude than the prior weeks. I would get to the market and know I was doing the right thing. I loved the set up and everything that went into it. There was a serious sense of accomplishment that I felt when I was able to haul my cooler, table, chairs, tent, and decor up to my section and put it all together literally from the ground up. Every week I would look at my finished display and actually feel proud of what I had put together. That was a huge deal to me. There honestly hasn’t been anything in my life that I have been more passionate about or proud of. Because of that, the process of setting up  and working the markets became something that I would get emotionally invested in. That being said, there is a big part of me that is sad that summer is over and I won’t be doing weekly events for a while.

Like I mentioned earlier, this little break gives me an opportunity to catch up on some things and to bring some new things to the table. I am excited about some holiday recipes I am working on, and I can’t wait to start bringing the vegan community together. I have already started to take steps toward both of those things, and will be sharing them in the next few weeks. Stay tuned until then!

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