Weekly update: October 12-18

There isn’t a whole lot to update for this week, but I just want to express my gratitude for everything that Vegan in Wyoming has become! If there is one thing that I have to be grateful for this week it is the ability to be of service to the vegan community in Casper! Everyday I continue to grow Vegan in Wyoming, I am so amazed by the people that reach out and the support I get from people I hardly know. I am baffled by the fact that I have already made connections in the community and people have started reaching out.

Earlier this week, I had someone send me an email. She had just moved here from Washington and didn’t know any other vegans. Someone from the local Urgent Care gave her my contact information and we were able to message and meet up. Its amazing how far business cards and social media can travel in a few short months! I was able to share my experience with her and what it was like to be vegan here in Wyoming. I never knew that people would appreciate what I’m doing as much as they do. Little instances like that make everything I’m doing worth while.

Business this week has been exciting too. Last Thursday I got to deliver meals to three different places. That was the first time I had that many deliveries and everything went really well. After all was said and done, I felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment that I hadn’t really ever felt before. It almost brought me to tears as I was driving home. I knew that I was delivering a product that I was proud of and to have almost 10 people exposed to that made me surprisingly emotional. Just this week, I have had some other special orders come in. I particularly like these especially when someone likes a product with an original recipe. There really isn’t a way to describe how excited I get about these orders!

On another note, I’m in the process of recipe testing for some Halloween themed baked goods. I’m hoping to have that done by the beginning of next week so people can order treats for their parties! I’m very excited about all of the things I’m working on for that. I have always loved holiday themed desserts, so this one is really all about me having fun in the kitchen.



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