Product Review: Field Roast Field Burger

I’m not going to lie, I love every Field Roast product I have tried so far. The Chao slices are one of the best vegan cheese alternatives I have tried so far, their hot dogs and sausages some of my favorite products, and their holiday roast is 100x better than any other I have tried. Naturally I had to try these burgers. I was very excited when I found these at my local Albertson’s!

The box was very attractive to me. It made them seem very rustic with quality ingredients. To a lot of people, seeing the pictures of the whole vegetables and ingredients that go into the burger is appealing. Seeing the visual helps draw people in. It is eye catching to people who normally wouldn’t try a veggie burger. When people see that whole, recognizable ingredients go into a product and might be more willing to try it. The way the burgers were packaged terribly though. I opened the box and found this mass of burger-like substance. It wasn’t very appealing or easy to open. The only way to open the vacuum sealed pack was to snip the tiny corner and rip the rest of the plastic off, which was slightly irritating. The burgers had some juices on them in the package. Because of that, I knew these would be very flavorful.


I decided to cook these burgers up on the stove. I always like to baste my packaged veggie burgers with a barbecue sauce to enhance the flavor and to make them more visually appealing. They held together really well, and got a really nice caramelization even before the sauce. I decide to get burger buns for this one instead of the bread I had sitting around to get the full burger experience. I loaded my burger up which may have been wrong since I was testing the flavor. I honestly don’t care because it was delicious. The texture of the burger was really nice. I liked the barley in it because it added a contrasting texture to the wheat gluten based burger. I could definitely taste all of the vegetables and herbs in the burger, it’s like it almost had the essence of Thanksgiving flavors in it. I didn’t mind that though, it added and extra level of savory flavor and juiciness that most veggie burgers lack.


I was also pleasantly surprised with the ingredients. A lot of times the ingredients in a processed veggie burger are really crazy and I can’t pronounce half of them. I knew this was going to be a seitan like burger since the first ingredient was vital wheat gluten. I really like seitan, so I knew the texture would be good. I was also surprised that I could actually taste the vegetables that the burger mentioned. It had a strong carrot, celery, onion flavor, but didn’t have huge chunks of vegetables that disturbed the texture. The weirdest ingredients were the “carrageenan” and “naturally flavored yeast extract” and after seeing some other veggie burgers those ingredients are by far simpler.

I really liked these burgers! They were some of the most realistic burgers I have had, and by far the best product I have reviewed to date. I would highly recommend everyone in Casper to go to the Albertson’s on 2nd St. to pick up a package of these. They’re a solid overall burger and one of the best packaged veggie burgers I have ever had. This isn’t because I’m partial to Field Roast, I just think they make really delicious products that are higher quality than a lot of other processed vegan foods. As always, this review isn’t sponsored or anything, I just do them to show people what is out there in the local grocery stores!

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