Tip of the week: Dessert for days!

If you haven’t figured this out already, I have a serious sweet tooth. I am the kind of person that will eat dessert after every single meal! I love my sweets, which is probably why I specialize in that field. My biggest problem is that I will buy processed desserts when I am too tired or busy to make something. I have lived this vicious cycle for years now, and I know I’m not the only one who struggles with it (I know I’m not that special). I will make a meal and be too tired to make dessert, but I will crave sweets. I will reach for some processed or packaged sugary product and then I just crave more.

I always wondered why I felt that way. After some research, I learned it was the low quality sweeteners and the high fat content in those packaged desserts that would always leave me wanting more. To put it in relatable terms, those foods made me feel good for a time and they gave me a quick burst of energy, but that feeling quickly left leaving me empty and searching for something more. It’s pretty much the same thing as doing drugs. When that vegan ice cream, or any other treat for that matter, hit my blood stream, the sugar instantly kicked in and sent a message to my brain that it was the greatest thing ever! Only a few minutes later, I would want more and more. Before I knew it, the whole pint would be gone and I would then have to convince myself that I was satisfied because I had nothing left to eat. After that, I would feel guilty for eating all of the ice cream, but that didn’t matter for too long, because the next day I would find myself at the store trying to scrape together change to buy another pint of ice cream.

I had to find a solution to this without cutting sugary treats cold turkey (because I knew I didn’t have the will power). I decided to try dessert prep! I had never really done that before, because I thought I would just eat it all in one day. The trick for me was to create something that would satiate me while also delivering a sweetness that I desired. I found that the best way to overcome this issue was to start making raw desserts. I had seen raw cashew cheesecake over the internet for years and had tried it before, but I never made it myself. Raw vegan desserts are unique because they contain a lot of fruits, natural sweeteners, nuts, and healthy fats.

I started making a raw cheesecakes and different kinds of bars. I was portioning them into muffin tins or slicing them into small bars, so I would have enough to get me through a week (usually 12-14 bars). I started keeping these bars in the freezer and anytime a sweet tooth struck, I would pull one out and be good for the rest of the day. I quickly found that because of the large amount of nuts and dates I was using to make these desserts, I was satisfied and didn’t experience the awful sugar crash.

Needless to say, this tip is for those who like to eat a little sweet treat after meals! Having this helped me out so much last summer, especially when those ice cream cravings would come. It helped me with portion control, removed the sugar crash, and even saved me some money!


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