Product Review: Silk Almondmilk Yogurt Alternative (plain)

Yet another yogurt review for everyone! I was actually excited for this one, probably because it was in my comfort zone. I started drinking Silk as a young teenager, so their products are always very familiar to me and remind me of the early vegan days before there were other brands of non-dairy products. I had first tried the Silk Almondmilk Yogurt Alternative at a post race expo, where Silk was a sponsor. They were giving away whole packages of the peach flavor. I thought it was good, but it’s always hard to tell when there is so much sugar and flavoring in the product. I recently came across the plain flavor at my local Albertson’s, so I tried it. I actually wasn’t intending on reviewing it when I bought it. I just needed plain yogurt because I was out of my homemade coconut yogurt and I didn’t want the Daiya brand. I decided this would be a good product to review due to the familiarity and popularity of Silk products.

I went into this knowing that I liked the texture, but it’s never a texture thing for me. I am more about the flavor, and I like my yogurt with a nice tang. Unfortunately this yogurt didn’t have the flavor I was looking for. I really wanted to like it though. It was very creamy like real yogurt and unlike a lot of other non-dairy yogurts. Seriously, I love the texture of this yogurt, though. As I kept eating it, there was a taste of raw almond flavor. Sometimes products made with almond milk will get a flavor that is similar to cardboard if the almonds aren’t cooked enough or there isn’t enough flavor added. I got a little bit of that with this yogurt. It was pretty bland, and didn’t particularaly taste like yogurt. I just told myself that it was yogurt because that’s what the package said.

Overall, I was slightly disappointed with this one. I had a lot higher hopes for Silk, since their Almondmilk is pretty good. They are such a big name in the non-dairy milk industry too. Everyone will go into this expecting something as good as or better than regular yogurt (because of the way they market their “milks” as tasting better than regular dairy) and falls just short of the mark. I was really missing that expected tang from yogurt, and it threw off the whole flavor for me. This is a product that I will eat if I don’t have any other options, and it is far better than the Daiya plain yogurt, but I still prefer Kite Hill or homemade yogurt if I have the choice. On the other hand, I personally know some people think that this is really good and one of the closest things to real yogurt, so it’s always worth a try out of curiosity. Obviously that wasn’t my experience, but as always, everyone’s taste buds are different. As usual, this post isn’t sponsored, I just do this to show people what products are available at the local grocery stores. I highly encourage everyone to try these products personally, because each person has a different experience!

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