Tip of the week: Crusty bites???

For some reason I had this typed up with this exact wording when I was trying to brainstorm ideas for weekly tips months ago, and I must have thought it was funny or something. It sounds super bizarre, but really this tip is just piggybacking off of the tip I provided last week! This one is pretty short and sweet, but it can be super useful!

I always have this problem where I end up with more crust than I need when it comes to making pressed nut crusts. I will overestimate how many almonds or oats that I need to add and then I’m almost always left with a small bowl of unused crust dough. Of course this comes from not following a recipe or writing anything down, but thats beside the point. My biggest problem is that I don’t want or need to make more cashew cheesecake or more tart filling to use up the rest of the crust, so I started just forming the crust into little bites. I decided I wanted to start pressing the crust into a small pan or rolling them into balls. This allowed me to use them as energy bites! I found they were great when I needed a mid-afternoon pick-me-up! The combination of the nuts, oats, natural sweeteners or fruits would keep me full and focused for another hour or two while I finished a task. I have also crumbled the extra crust mixture in yogurt to add some substance to my typical fruit and yogurt breakfast.

With as much of these types of desserts I make, I almost constantly have these bites in my fridge now. It’s a really quick and easy way to make use of leftovers! The biggest perk to me is that I don’t have to constantly search for granola or energy bars if I have these on hand. I can just grab a bite and go knowing exactly what I’m putting into my body while reducing my waste!

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