Weekly update: November 2-8

This week has been very busy, but it’s been great! I did the Day of the Dead event at the Nicolaysen Art Museum, I had a delivery the next afternoon of three dozen cookies, and the rest of the week has actually allowed me to catch up on a lot of everyday things that I have been behind on.

The Day of the Dead event went really well. Everyone really liked my desserts! I was able to meet a lot of new people that were either veg-curious or vegan. It was an amazing experience! It was really different being the only dessert vendor, but I enjoyed it. It allowed me to sell products to people that normally wouldn’t stop at my table. The menu was a lot of fun for me to create as well. I did a tres leches cupcake that had a coconut milk frosting and horchata pearls. I also did a dulce de leche tart with a caramel pastry cream that I learned to make in culinary school. The thing I was most excited about though was the molĂ© inspired cookie. I made a peanut shortbread and a chili chocolate ganache for dipping. Overall, the event was a huge success and I had a ton of fun creating some new desserts!

The day after the event, I had a delivery of three dozen Halloween themed cookies. That was a fun project for me, since it was for a close friend that I hardly ever get to cook for! After that things began slowing down. I definitely needed that after how busy last week was. I haven’t had any special orders so far. I will do a desert and dinners tomorrow, and I got an order for a Thanksgiving pie. Today was one of the best days I had all week! I interviewed a friend for this month’s “Discovering Vegans in Wyoming” post. It is always so nice getting to talk with other vegans and being able to relate to so much of what they have to say. I can’t wait to share that interview!

Next week will be fun. I will be traveling, and will be writing from San Antonio, TX. I won’t have much to update business wise, but I am suer I will have some good food I can share! I hear there are some good vegan places there! I look forward to sharing what I find there.

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