Tip of the Week: Holiday Edition

As the holidays are approaching, it seems as though people are constantly cooking, baking and entertaining. I have had years where I have been really excited to be a slave to the kitchen, but this year is different. Since I am cooking and baking constantly as my job, I don’t feel like I have as much time to slow down and prepare food for my loved ones. That being said, this holiday tip will save so much time when it comes to all of those Thanksgiving pies and Christmas cookies!

My solution to the cookie and pie baking struggle is to prep all of the dough at once! Most cookie dough needs to be refrigerated before baking and all pie dough requires chilling before rolling it out. That means that no matter what, the dough is going to end up in the refrigerator or freezer! It is so much easier to designate a day to prep and to never have to make pastry dough for the entire holiday season! Most cookie and pie doughs will keep a week or two in the refrigerator and about two months in the freezer. Having all of these doughs already prepared will save so much time and stress especially if company unexpectedly shows up, or all of the festivities get too exhausting.

Last year, I learned how helpful this simple solution could be when I had these failed attempts to go to cookie exchanges or to bake for my family/friends. I never managed to have enough time or energy after all was said and done. This is a tip I know I will need to utilize this holiday season! Between filling orders for clients, travel, and spending time with family, I know there will be a time when I just won’t be able whip up anything quick enough. Maybe this time I will actually utilize my useful advice and save myself a lot of stress!

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