Product Review: Dr. McDougall’s Rice Ramen (sesame “chicken” flavor)

I have been a fan of the Dr. McDougall’s soups for years now. They are perfect for when I am in a pinch and don’t have time to make a snack or am needing something that will be easy on my stomach. I really love every single soup cup I have tried so far. I just discovered that my local Albertson’s carries a couple of the rice ramen flavors! I had never tried any of the rice ramen flavors before, so I was really excited!

First of all, some of the other Dr. McDougall’s soups take forever to cook because there are dried beans in them that take a very long to rehydrate. This one only took a couple of minutes! I liked that a lot. It is definitely a quicker option, but the only problem I had was that it was a lot less filling. There were a few cubes of tofu in the mix, but it was just a lot of rice noodles. It was a good snack, but definitely not enough to make a meal.

Overall, the taste was really good. I didn’t necessarily get a strong “chicken” flavor, and there was a very subtle sesame flavor. I liked the way the broth tasted. I ended up filling my cup past the fill line, and it was perfectly seasoned. I have a feeling that if I filled it to the fill line, it would be too salty. I really liked the soup though!

I really wanted to do this review, because a lot of people struggle with quick grab-and-go foods and snacks. That is one of hardest things for people that I have talked to. I know it helped me to know that there were packaged items that were vegan friendly to eat while traveling, working, or anytime I didn’t have time to cook. I will definitely be getting this product again!

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  1. veganmom7 says:

    It’s nice to have something like this in the cupboard for emergencies!


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