Product Review: Dandies Peppermint Flavored Marshmallows

All this month, I will be reviewing various holiday and seasonal products! I figured people will want an honest opinion before sharing their exciting vegan products with their friends and families. I am no stranger to the struggle and the skepticism that surrounds vegan food at family gatherings. I have found that if I am fully prepared in every way to prove to omnivores that vegan food is delicious, the holidays go a lot easier! The best way to do that is to share what ever food I bring. Of course I make my fair share of treats, but in my opinion, there isn’t a better way than to introduce people to vegan friendly products. It is incredibly easy to pick something vegan up from the store and to show family and friends that being vegan isn’t a lot of work. There are a lot of vegan companies out there that make seasonal products just for the holidays! Dandies is one of them. I am very familiar with Dandies brand, but I have never tired the peppermint flavored marshmallows. I have tried the pumpkin spice and plain vanilla flavor and I really like them. They aren’t as good as “Sweet and Sara” was (RIP… I’m very sad about that), but for a conventional packaged one that relatively easy to find, I can’t complain.

I love Dandies packaging! They make everything look so inviting and honestly just straight up adorable. I like the light pink color the marshmallows have it really makes me feel like a little kid and gets me in that holiday spirit! It is also nice because they get the color from beets. It isn’t any of that artificial nonsense. The ingredients are exactly what I expect. I mean it isn’t going to be perfect, but they’re just sugar, tapioca syrup, tapioca starch, soy protein (I’m guessing as an emulsifier), carrageenan (a seaweed derivative used for stabilizing), and concentrated beet juice. That being said, the texture is nice. The marshmallows are light, fluffy, and soft, with a hint of peppermint. I definitely expected them to be more minty, but I could still taste it. The marshmallows melt just like regular marshmallows! I like the fact that they are miniature. It definitely helps the melting process! I tried them out in hot cocoa, and made chocolate chip popcorn balls. They are perfect for any mint chocolate creation, that is for sure!

I really liked these marshmallows! I could definitely see myself saving the rest of the bag for some holiday baking! I know I will be sharing these with people over the holidays. I found them at Natural Grocers here in Casper. Testing these really go me in the holiday spirit. Perfect timing since it is officially December!

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