Product Review: Chocolove Holiday (Fruits & Nuts in Dark Chocolate)

In my opinion, no holiday party is complete without snacks. When I was growing up, my mom would always have bowls of fruit, vegetables, nuts, and candies in almost every room for guests. Somehow, I always managed to gravitate toward the fruit, nuts and chocolate. Now that I occasionally host guests, I feel the need to always have snacks around! Part of it is to get me through the everyday stress of life, but part of it is to be prepared at any moment. That being said, I have found an amazing combination of all three of my favorite things that I have been munching on for the last few weeks.

I have been eating Chocolove dark chocolate ever since I went vegan! The brand isn’t anything new to me, but this fruit and nut chocolate is. I have tried so many different kinds of chocolate with dried fruit and nuts mixed in, but there is always something missing. In one brand I tried, there were bits of dried pear. Those little bits were so rock hard that it made the whole chocolate bar an unpleasant experience. The “Endangered Species” brand carries a cranberry and almond bar, but I don’t love the texture of their chocolate as much. This is really everything I want in a chocolate bar. The texture of the actual chocolate is really smooth and rich, and the fruits aren’t rock hard. The only problem I have with this chocolate bar is the fact that the pieces of nuts are very small and hard to identify. The package says it has pecans, walnuts, and hazelnuts, but it’s hard to differentiate them. I could taste all of the dried fruits really well though. I really liked that they put decent sized pieces of dried fruit into the bar. It was a surprise in each bite and it really helped cut through the richness of the chocolate and nuts.


I also must say I love the packaging. First of all I like how the added ingredients are on the front. It lets me know exactly what I should expect in this chocolate bar. I also love the color and design of the wrapper. Anything gold instantly attracts me, so if a chocolate bar is wrapped in a matte gold paper, then changes are I will buy it without question. It just looks elegant very festive.

Honestly, I have just been keeping this chocolate to myself for desperate (high stress and low dessert) times. I love almost¬†everything about this chocolate bar. I found mine at Natural Grocers, but I know Albertson’s carries the Chocolove brand as well. Hopefully this will a good inspiration for a holiday snack platter, or in my case as a personal treat to get me through the next few weeks!

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