Tip of the Week: Get Saucy!

Over the last few years, I have seen countless articles, blog posts, Facebook, and Instagram posts about meal prepping. I see a lot of value in it, especially for people with busy lives. For some, it is the only way they get homemade meals in the middle of a busy week. I really love the idea of meal prep, but I have never done it because I can’t eat the same thing more than twice in a row without getting bored! I have one simple solution to that problem. Get saucy! In other words, mix and match different sauces and dressings.

A lot of people who meal prep, will make some sort of a bowl. They will have a grain, a protein, and a vegetable. For me that usually looks like rice and beans with whatever vegetables I have in the refrigerator. Typically for me, that comes with a lack of energy or time. I will make a big batch of rice and it will usually last two meals. That usually happens at least twice a week. I love the flavor of rice and beans, but at times I get bored with the same flavors. I will mix and match sauces, dressings, and condiments to create new flavors. That way, it makes the same old boring meal new and exciting! Some of my favorite combinations are barbecue sauce and non-dairy ranch dressing (I make my own, but Follow Your Heart brand is good too); nutritional yeast and soy sauce; homemade cheese sauce and salsa; peanut sauce and gochujang; just to name a few.

This quick, easy tip is the solution to any average meal, whether I have prepared the meal in advance, or I just feel like adding a different flavor. Meal prep can be incredibly useful if done well. I can’t just eat the same thing over and over again, so to me making something simple that can be dressed up is much better!

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