Product Review: I Heart Keenwah Chocolate Sea Salt Quinoa Clusters

Before I decided to review this product, I had heard a lot of good things about the brand “I Heart Keenwah”. I first heard about their products from someone I follow on Instagram. She raved about their products and had one of the company’s founders, Ravi Jolly, on her podcast. Ravi talked about how all of the Quinoa they use is of Bolivian origin, and how he still goes back to Bolivia and gets to show the farmers the finished product. All of the quinoa they use goes through a toasting process, which actually makes it fluffier when it is cooked. They have a variety of products as well, including puffs (some are chocolate covered), clusters, hot cereals, and plain toasted quinoa. After I hearing him talk about all of the different products they had, I went on a mission to find some of them. I looked at their website and the store directory said that it was only sold at Smith’s here in Casper. That same day, I went to Smith’s to see what they had, but they only had the plain toasted quinoa. Let’s be honest, I was really looking for the snacks! To my surprise, I found the clusters at Albertson’s, they had the Almond and the Chocolate Sea Salt. Of course, I had to try the ones with chocolate!

I loved the appearance of the product. The packaging is simple and clean. The bag is a perfect size for fitting in my purse, and the I like that it has a zipper top, unlike a lot of other snack products. The clusters weren’t as square looking as I expected, but that wasn’t a huge deal. They almost looked like granola.

When I tried one of the clusters, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I was expecting a crunch and a slight sweetness, but that’s it. I really loved the texture of the clusters. They were kind of dense with all of the ingredients stuck together the way that they were, but I liked it a lot. They weren’t chewy, more crunchy and slightly brittle. There wasn’t too much chocolate or sea salt either. Secretly, I was hoping that there was more chocolate, but the little drizzle worked well with everything else. The quinoa and the other seeds were really front and center, which I enjoyed. The overall flavor was good. It was slightly nutty from the toasted quinoa and all of the other seeds. The more I ate the clusters, the more addicted I became! They were really satisfying between the sweet, salty, and crunchy.


I really liked these quinoa clusters. They were a great snack option. They would be especially good when on the go since they are relatively low sugar, and are a complete protein. I would definitely recommend these. I already can’t wait to try some of I Heart Keenwah’s other products!

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