Tip of the Week: Taking Notes

This week’s tip is all about taking notes! To be honest, I am not good at writing things down. When I first start something, I will be diligent about writing every detail down, but after a few weeks pass, I get lazy. It doesn’t take me long to completely forget that I was trying to take notes in the first place. Writing things down can be incredibly useful, especially in the kitchen. I never even thought about it until people started asking me for recipes. I rarely remember what I put into dishes because I just cook by feel, I don’t really think about it.

I have started to keep a notebook in the kitchen because I never know if something will be worth writing down. I rarely use it, but there are times when inspiration strikes and something works really well. When times like that happen, having something to write all of the ingredients down is helpful. If I make something once, and it turns out really well, I always get skeptical. If I write it down, then I can test the recipe and make sure it really works. It also helps when people ask for a recipe. I don’t really give that many recipes out, but there are some dishes that I’m willing to share with others.

I know a lot of people out there get questions about recipes, whether they are home cooks or trained chefs. Over the years, I have asked a lot of family members about recipes that they have, because I like to adapt other people’s recipes and personalize them. When they have an exact recipe written down, it is so helpful! It provides a good visual and most of the time, I can imagine how something tastes based on what a recipe contains. Even if I never actually receive a hard copy of a recipe, it is extremely useful to just see the written ingredients.

Since I have started writing things down,  it has helped my own cooking. I can reference recipes that have worked well and I have been able to replicate them. Like I said, I really don’t do it often enough. Usually, it is the last thing on my mind. I know eventually it will be a necessary tool, since none of my cupcake, frosting, or cheesecake recipes are written down. It’s all about progress.

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