Tip of the Week: Ditch the Boxes

We live in a world of convenience. Everything is grab and go or something made from a box. I have come to find out why as I continue to live a busy life. I often wonder how I will have dinner deliveries one night, and six dozen cupcakes baked before 9:00 AM the next morning. I have found a solution, and it isn’t by using a pre-made cake mix!

As a child, I used a lot of boxed mix. I always thought that there had to be something special about it because I just had to add three ingredients and I magically had cake! It took me years to figure out that there really wasn’t anything special about the stuff. It was just basic dry ingredients in a bag or a box. It all started when wanted to do a bake sale, but I knew that there wasn’t any way that I would be able to make all of the mixes fast enough. I quickly realized that I could do the exact same thing as the boxed mix, but without all of the artificial ingredients or preservatives! I started making dry mixes for cakes, scones, and cookies. At first, I would mostly use them when I was really busy. The night before I took some time and prepared the mixes, so all I had to do was add liquids the next day. I was surprised at how much time that saved me. I would have cakes in the oven in under five minutes! Over the past few years, there have been many times when I have been able to make use of this tip.

My one suggestions is to keep at least one dry mix on had at all times. Not only will it save a trip to the store in a pinch, but it will also provide a product that is made from scratch in no time at all! It doesn’t matter what the recipe is, just separate the wet and dry ingredients as the recipe directs and go from there.

I know that I will be using this tip a lot in the next few months. I have a lot of early mornings that require a mass amount of cupcakes and I only have so much time on my hands. I hope that this tip is helpful, whether it saves time for that next birthday, or saves a trip to the store!

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