Product Review: Follow Your Heart Pepper Jack Style Slices

This is the second Follow Your Heart cheese product I’ve reviewed. The first was the Smoked Gouda Style Slices. Some people may wonder how different they can possibly be, or why I choose to do products that are similar. The answer is simple! I just want to show people what products are available in my local community, and how much variety there is. I love some of the FYH (Follow Your Heart) cheese products, and I really don’t like some. The Smoked Gouda was good, I remember it having good flavor and melt, so I was very hopeful going into this review.

Upon purchasing the Pepper Jack Slices, I already had a plan. I knew I was going to make grilled cheese sandwiches. That was the only reason I was looking for vegan cheese in the first place. I stumbled upon the FYH Pepper Jack and knew I wanted to try them. First the slices had to go through the cold test, then the melt test. Over the years, my biggest problem with most vegan cheeses has been the fact that they rarely meet my expectations in the cold and warm categories. Most of the time, if a cheese tastes good cold, it doesn’t melt too well. If it melts well, it may not taste as good. I have only found one kind of cheese that has done that, but it isn’t readily available here in Casper. Anyway, the cheese tasted really good cold. The texture was really nice, and the flavor was good. I put a slice on bread to make my sandwich to test how melty it would get. Luckily, it didn’t take too long for the cheese to melt. The biggest problem was the fact that it didn’t really stretch. During the melting process, the cheese slowly softened, until it was finally melted. At that point, it didn’t really pull or stretch like I expected, but became more like a thick sauce. The flavor was really good when it was melted, though. The texture was pretty good. It wasn’t chewy or stringy, which I liked. I had a feeling I would get those results based on the ingredients. Most coconut oil based cheese alternatives have similar textures, but that is by no means a bad thing!


Overall, I would recommend this over most of the other vegan cheese products that are available here in Casper. I found this one at Natural Grocers. It is probably the best version of Pepper Jack that I have tried other than the Violife brand. The flavor and texture were better than a lot of similar products. I would definitely use this again! As always, this post isn’t sponsored. I’m just trying to help people find vegan products here in Wyoming!

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