Product Review: I Heart Keenwah: Toasted Quinoa

Earlier in the week, I had my doubts about reviewing something like quinoa, but I decided to go for it anyway! I have already reviewed one of I Heart Keenwah’s products before, but I am doing it again for a few reasons. The first being that I really love their company! I greatly appreciated what they did after my first review, and I want to spread the word about their products that are available in local stores. The second being that they sent me a coupon for the Toasted Quinoa product and I wanted to use it. I also was curious if it was really better than any regular quinoa.

I found this Toasted Quinoa and my local Smith’s. Upon purchasing the quinoa, I was relatively skeptical. It was a pretty small bag of quinoa for almost $8. I heard that toasting gave it better flavor and texture, but I wasn’t sure if that was going to be worth it. I still had high hopes since the company said that the Toasted Quinoa and the hot cereal were their best selling products.

When I opened the package, I could tell that the quinoa was lightly toasted. It was a light golden yellow color instead of the typical pale color. I just decided to cook it according to the package directions so I could really taste the difference if there was one. Just looking at the cooked product, I didn’t really think that there was much of a difference. It looked about the same. I did notice a slightly nuttier aroma wafting off of the cooked quinoa once I removed the lid. When I stirred it, it was a lot fluffier though! It didn’t stick together as much as un-toasted quinoa does. It seemed a lot lighter.

When I tasted the quinoa, it didn’t really taste all that different. There was a subtle nuttiness, but not enough to make a world of difference. The only reason I noticed was the fact that I was trying to pay attention to the exact flavor. I loved the texture, though! It was so light and fluffy. It was probably the best quinoa I have had as far as texture goes. I really enjoyed it.

Overall, I liked this product. It was nice to try something slightly different, but I am not super picky. The texture and flavor of un-toasted quinoa doesn’t bother me. I liked the texture a lot, but didn’t think the flavor was an astounding difference. I think it is worth trying it at least once, especially if the strong raw flavor of quinoa and the denser texture is off-putting. I will probably stick to rice since it is my favorite grain (an more affordable), but I will definitely be getting this again especially when the craving for quinoa kicks in!

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