Weekly Update: January 25-31

It seems as though things aren’t slowing down anytime soon! That is a good thing. Last Thursday turned out to be incredibly busy, then I had a very busy weekend with the winter market. After everything was all said and done, I was exhausted. It took me a few days to get back on track, so I have spent the week catching up and preparing for my usual Thursday deliveries.

Last Thursday went very smooth. I had quite a few deliveries to make, and was able to do all of those fairly easily. A lot of them were all on one side of town, so I wasn’t running back and forth like crazy all day. Thursday’s have definitely been my busier days. I have consistently had over one dozen orders for the past three weeks. This Thursday is no exception. I was actually a little worried yesterday because I didn’t have too many orders in, but I got nine meals in the last 24 hours of my order window. I love having the two or three days each week when I get really busy. It gives me a chance to feel accomplished and organized, while still allowing myself time to work on other aspects of my business.

Saturday was a very busy day. I began prep Friday night. I started my cookies, brownies, and gluten-free/raw cheesecakes. I made way more product than last time, since I had sold out of everything at the previous market. The next morning I woke up at 4 AM, and began organizing everything for my display. I started baking cupcakes at 6 AM, and was at the market by 9 that morning. The day was steady. I didn’t sell out, but I was able to sell more than the previous market because I prepared myself much better. At the end of the day, I was really happy with how everything went and felt like it was a huge success. I really enjoyed seeing some returning customers as well as some new faces that were curious about veganism.

The rest of my week has been spent catching up. My Meatless Monday meal delivery went pretty well this week. I don’t get as many orders as I do for Thursday’s. I was alright with that since my weekend had been so busy. I got to spend Tuesday afternoon with a vegan woman who reached out to me over e-mail. She hadn’t met any other vegans in person here, so I really enjoyed talking to her. Getting to do those things really make my job! I love cooking, but more than anything I love the relationships that I get to build with my customers and fellow vegans here in the community. Whenever I get the chance to sit down and talk to another vegan, I am always left inspired and even more motivated to grow what I have started.

Once again, I have been busier than expected! That’s a good thing though. I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of really amazing vegans or veg-curious people this week. I am currently filled with excitement and very glad that I have the opportunity and the time to grow Vegan in Wyoming in to something that I am really proud of!

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