Product Review: Forager Project Cashewgurt–Unsweetened Plain

Here I go down the non-diary yogurt rabbit hole again. It has actually been a while since I have reviewed a yogurt product, so I figured it was time! A few weeks ago, I picked this yogurt up from Natural Grocers. They had the large 24 ounce container for pretty cheap (under $5), so I was excited to try it. Part of me has been curious about the unsweetened plain for a while, but I mostly bought it because I was out of my homemade coconut yogurt.

For starters, I love their logo. I love how everything looks clean. The name “Forager Project” is unique and it attracts a lot more attention than a brand like “Silk”. I like that though, since they are a much smaller company. I like all of the white on their packaging. it is very appealing and doesn’t look artificial. The ingredients are simple as well. The yogurt contains cashews, water, some active cultures, as well as organic cassava root and organic locust bean gum for emulsification purposes. For most processed and packaged yogurts, that is pretty darn good!

As far as taste and texture go, the yogurt itself, looks slightly different than other non-dairy yogurts. I thought that it seemed a bit thinner, which I didn’t mind. I really liked how smooth it was though. Like most non-diary yogurts, it needs stirred, due to natural separation. This one smoothed out really nicely. Some other alternatives don’t do that. There will be little lumps unless it is stirred vigorously, which is honestly unrealistic and more work than I’m willing to put in if I am opening a package of yogurt. It had really good flavor! It was tangy just like the yogurt I make. I have never actually had a packaged yogurt that had the exact tang and flavor that I love so much! I was beyond thrilled with that. There was a slight sweetness from the cashews. I have noticed that products made with cashews will tend to have a subtle sweetness, due to the nature of the raw nut. I really like that, especially in an unsweetened yogurt. The mouth feel was really nice too. It wasn’t too gelatinous feeling. I liked how it just seemed like a thick, tangy cashew cream.

To say that I was pleasantly surprised with the yogurt would be an understatement! I really loved everything about this stuff, and I am a really picky yogurt eater. I loved the price, I have admired the packaging for months, and most importantly I loved the flavor of the yogurt itself. I highly recommend trying this cashew yogurt alternative. This will definitely be my new go-to diary free yogurt when I am in a pinch!

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  1. Lauren says:

    Thanks for reviewing this yogurt! I decided to try it the other day when I realized it was cheaper than the So Delicious coconut yogurt I usually get and we really like it!


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