Weekly Update: February 1-7

It has been another busy week in the Vegan in Wyoming world. As usual, I left off with my Thursday meals. Then I thought I was going to have a free weekend, but ended up taking a dessert order, making cupcakes for myself, and making tons of food for the Super Bowl. After the busy weekend, I jumped right into the Meatless Monday meals and was able to take Tuesday off.

Last Thursday’s meals went well. I have definitely been getting better at handling the larger load and managing my deliveries accordingly. I have really worked out a good system and I haven’t been as stressed with that lately. I had quite a few meals and one smaller dessert, so it made for a full day. To my surprise, I finished early and was able to sit down before all of the deliveries.┬áThe next day was spent catching up on things and taking orders. I had one dessert order for Sunday and a few Meatless Monday meals. Friday’s are typically spent catching up and organizing my planner for the upcoming week.

Over the weekend, I announced to the social media world that I am engaged! I made myself cupcakes as part of that announcement. It was actually a really interesting experiment. I was going for a golden milk cupcake with turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The color of the batter was perfect and I was really excited to try them, since it was something that I had wanted to try for a while now. When I baked the cake, something very weird happened though. The finished cake was red. After some very brief research, I found out that the combination of the curcumin in the turmeric mixed with baking soda turns a red color. Although, my cupcakes weren’t the beautiful golden color I was hoping for, they tasted good. It did give me a great idea for a red velvet cake though!

Sunday was spent baking and cooking food for the Super Bowl. I got up early to get that dessert order made and delivered by 10 AM. The rest of the day was completely centered around food. I don’t watch football or have any interest in it, so I just hang out in the kitchen and enjoy making food for everyone.

To wrap this week up, I had another dessert order, and have dinners for a family I cook for every Wednesday. I had a lot of fun with the dessert order since the person who ordered it wanted a sampler of different things. I got to do a couple different types of cookies and some cupcakes. I did the classic chocolate chip walnut cookies, but then decided to do my take on an Oreo cookie. The cookie was a chocolate shortbread and it was filled with a vanilla icing. Sometimes cooking for people who don’t have any expectations and give me free will is more fun than making the same thing over and over again. The family I cook for every Wednesday allows me to do that, and I love it. I get to cook what I want to eat, and it gives me ideas for future meal orders.

This week has been busy, but really good. I have a market this weekend, and a few Thursday night dinners in the upcoming week. I look forward to sharing how all of those things go next week!

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