Weekly Update: February 22-28

All I can say is wow! This week has been insanely busy. I knew that the publicity would be a good thing, but I never expected things to take off like they did! This week has by far been the busiest yet. So far, everything has gone very well. I have used some tools to keep me organized, but mostly I have had to remain completely focused on each day as I continue to be busy with orders. At the same time, being busy tests my limits and has forced me to see what I am capable of.

As I ended my weekly update, I was getting ready to prep for another Thursday dinner. It wasn’t my busiest day ever, but it was still full of orders. I had a few people order for the first time, and a handful of them are already returning customers!

The next three days were very hectic. I spent most of Friday shopping and prepping for the Winter Maker’s Market. I was really excited to test my French macarons. Unfortunately, there was something off, and every single batch I tried didn’t work out. The first time they didn’t bake or dry long enough and they didn’t get feet. The second batch was too dry and they didn’t smooth out. The third batch was a combination of both… the batter seemed too dry, so I added extra aquafaba (the liquid from a can of chickpeas) and they rose nicely, but I didn’t let them dry long enough, so they were sticky on the bottom. I suppose the first batch I made last week was a bit of beginner’s luck. I was immensely frustrated, but I had to accept the fact I needed more practice. I had to recall all the times when I thought that I was a complete failure, but kept working to eventually produce a product that was better than any of the non-vegan counter parts. After a day at the market, I was quickly reminded of that. I remembered the first dozen batches of cupcakes where I tried to follow a recipe. I either didn’t like the ingredients in the batter, or they became sinkholes because the recipes weren’t adapted to high altitude. After much trial and error, in addition to a few years of practice, I created a recipe that worked well! Many people will now tell me that my cupcakes are the best that they have ever tried! I even had a few messages after the market on Saturday from people telling me exactly that. The exact same thing happened with brownies. I spent years (the better part of the last eight years) trying to find a brownie recipe I liked. I either hated the ingredients, or they turned out to be awful. I finally took the matter in my own hands and looked at a non-vegan recipe and went from there. Now, I have people tell me that they are the best brownies they have ever had! Moral of the story, practice makes perfect!

The day after the market was spent shopping and prepping for Monday, as well as typing my monthly interview. I really love doing the interviews, but they are time consuming. Roughly five hours goes into each post. I sit down and talk with the person for at least an hour, most of the time longer, then it takes me at least two to three hours to go through the material and type everything up. It is one of my favorite parts of doing this, though! I love getting to talk with other vegans in the community. It continues to excite and energize me for the future! Monday was the busiest day I have had to date! I have never had so many meals before. I was shocked, but I was able to get everything accomplished with minimal stress. Everyone had a lot of positive things to say about the dinners as well. To me, there isn’t a feeling that is more gratifying than having people love my food and desserts. It is a lot of hard work and sometimes stress, but at the end of the day it is the most rewarding thing in the entire world!

As I write this, I am starting to organize my deliveries for my Thursday dinners. I have a huge list and sometimes I get overwhelmed by that. It has helped me to write every detail down in a planner. I have the exact delivery time written by each name, which has helped me manage my time a lot better. It is easy to become overwhelmed by a list of almost 20 names and locations, but once I have them written down and the time/address of each person next to it, everything becomes more manageable. I am excited to update next week how all of the deliveries go!

For the most part, this week has been very good. There have been some moments that have been a little stressful and frustrating, but I have survived. I even got some time to recover after Monday. In other words, I got to sleep for 14 hours, and got to get a rare outdoors run in! I continue to be overwhelmed at the positive response to my services to the community. I can’t thank everyone enough for all of the support and love they have given me as I continue to push the popular belief and pursue my passion!

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