Product Review: Sahale Snacks Pomegranate Vanilla Flavored Cashews

This week, I have decided to review another snack product. This time it is another one of my go-to snacks, nuts! I started eating Sahale brand nuts years ago, but they have become a lot more available over the past year or two. Sahale sells their products almost everywhere now! I have found them at Walmart, Albertsons, and Natural Grocers here in town.

For starters, the flavors that they make are really enticing. Something like pomegranate and vanilla sounds delicious, but also slightly gourmet and higher end than some regular roasted cashew. I love all of their packaging. I can tell that the packaging is designed with women in mind. It is a very feminine package, especially the individual snack pack that I had. That being said, it was very appealing to me, so they did their job! When I flipped the package over, I noticed that there weren’t actually any pieces of pomegranate in the mix. That was a bit disappointing. Instead of using real pomegranate, they flavored dried apples with pomegranate juice. There weren’t any weird preservatives or artificial sweeteners, so that was good to see!

When I got ready to try the cashews, I was disappointed that there weren’t as many clusters of the pomegranate flavored apples stuck to the nuts themselves. I was still hopeful that they would be delicious! The first thing I tasted was a very strong and sweet vanilla flavor. I also tasted a bit of salt, which created a nice sweet and salty combination. I didn’t taste the pomegranate as much as I was hoping. It was mostly vanilla flavored with a hint of fruitiness. That being said, I thought they tasted good though. Despite not having much pomegranate flavor, the general taste was good. If I didn’t look at the label and was just eating without expectations, I would really like these as an on-the-go snack!

Overall, I liked the cashews a lot. I thought that they had great flavor and were wonderfully addictive! Even though I didn’t taste much pomegranate, I thought that it still made for a tasty snack. I would definitely recommend these as a different option to the plain old roasted, salted nuts. They are very convenient since the Sahale brand is sold at most major stores, and they are yummy!

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