Weekly Update: March 1-7

Yet another week has passed! It has been a good week, but it had a few downs. Last week, I left off with my usual Thursday dinners. The weekend was spent relaxing and preparing for Meatless Monday dinners. The rest of this week has been pretty laid back. It wasn’t ridiculously busy, so I have had time to take care of some personal things.

Thursday went well. I had 14 deliveries and 20 meals. A lot of people ordered just one meal, so it took me quite a while to make all of the deliveries. Almost every single person took the time to reach out to share how much they loved the dinner. I really appreciated that. I’ve never had that many people message me or post about the dinners before, so that was really exciting! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were spent relaxing. The weather was really nice, so I was able to spend some time running outside! For me running helps me recenter myself, especially after a busy day or week. I was a little down over the weekend. All week, I was so focused on being busy. When I wasn’t doing something, I felt guilty for not doing anything. At the same time, I was only thinking about how tired I was and didn’t want to do anything. That created a lot of frustration and conflict. Luckily, after having a few days off and having some time to regroup, I was able to focus on much more positive things.

Monday wasn’t nearly as crazy. I had just over one dozen dinners. The day went quick and easy. I’ve really gotten to the point where anything less than 15 dinners is an easy day.

The past two days have been spent taking care of myself and doing some other things for the business. I got to make some desserts for a friend, which I had a lot of fun with. I love it when people tell me to surprise them, because it allows me to be creative! I experimented with a banana split cupcake, and it turned out even better than I imagined! It was a banana cake filled with a caramel custard, it had black cherry frosting, and almond butter fudge. It seriously tasted like a banana split! I’ll have to make it for a market sometime. I also decided to finally invest in a pasta sheeter that doesn’t fit in my tiny apartment kitchen. I made some kabocha ravioli with some leftover mozzarella I made last week. Needless to say, I will be eating a lot more pasta in the future!

Overall, this week has been good. I feel like I am caught up and on top of everything for the first time in a few weeks. By far the best part of the week was getting to have a little fun in the kitchen!

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