Weekly Update: March 8-14

I am once again on track for my busiest week ever! I didn’t think it was possible to be busier than I have been, but it is happening and I am right in the middle of it. As usual, I left off with my Thursday dinners last week. The next day was spent preparing for the market. I had the winter farmer’s market over the weekend, which always keeps me busy. Monday was my second busiest day ever. Tuesday was spent taking care of personal and business things. As I write this, I am organizing and preparing for my Thursday dinners. It is on track to be the busiest day to date!

Last Thursday wasn’t too crazy. The day went fairly quickly and I didn’t have a problem getting meals out. All of my deliveries were easy and everything came out with minimal stress. I didn’t used to say that about 15 dinner days. I used to get so stressed when I would get more than 10 meals, not to mention extra dessert orders. Now, I get excited when I have dessert orders in addition to the dinners. It allows me to use my creativity and it adds variety to the repetition of the meals. Lucky for me, I get at least one dessert order each day!

The next few days were kind of hectic. They were filled with prepping and organizing for the market. I really enjoy the final outcome, but there are sometimes when it can be the most stressful thing in my life. All of the late nights filled with baking and 4 AM mornings packed with more baking are very exhausting. In the end it is completely worth it, though! I love getting to go to the markets and setting up my booth. Getting to see familiar faces and meet new people makes everything I do worth while! I am always surprised when people tell me that my cupcakes or brownies are the best that they’ve had! It means even more when a non-vegan tells me that. While all of the thanks and praise for what I’m doing is nice, my favorite part of the markets is hands down the people I meet. The last two markets, I have met fellow vegans. Getting to hear their testimonials to veganism and their excitement for what I am doing fills me with joy! It makes all of the stress and hard work worthwhile!

I didn’t get much time to recover after the market before jumping right into Meatless Monday. It was my second busiest day ever! I put out 22 dinners. The only thing that made it less busy was the fact that I had less deliveries than other days. There were a lot of people who ordered multiple dinners, and a few people picked up. Overall it was a good day. There was a lot of running around, but it never got too hectic.

I am a little nervous for Thursday’s dinners. I know that the volume it totally doable, I just get stuck in my head and worry that I won’t be able to accomplish everything. Somehow I always get things done at the end of the day, so that is very reassuring.

Next week, I look forward to sharing how my busiest day ever goes! Luckily I don’t have many plans for the weekend so I’ll will be able to get some time to recover from the craziness!

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