Weekly Update: March 15-21

The past week has been all over the place! First and most exciting, I “successfully” put out the most orders ever. Next, I tackled Monday dinners with zero stress! Once my busy days were over, I managed to take care of a lot of things in my personal life. Finally and worst of all, I have somehow acquired a cold and have made a pathetic attempt to care for myself.

An overal recap of last Thursday: It was the most stressful day of work I have had. Looking back, it might be tied with the day I had the macaron disaster before the market. I was way too ambitious and tried to make pasta for almost 30 people without any help. I realized that was a bit much around noon, but at that point, it was too late to call it quits. I had someone picking dinners up at 2:30 that afternoon, had two deliveries at 3:00, and I was scrambling. At that point, I had enough pasta for about 12 dinners. After that, I had to run home between deliveries and make more food. Things quickly stared to get worrisome. Lucky for me, my sister was in town and was able to run a delivery for me so I didnt’t get too behind. Somehow I made the remaining 15 servings of pasta and made over 10 deliveries all before 6:30 PM. It was seriously a miracle. I was beyond stressed, and my deliveries were a little behind. Thank goodness, I have very understanding customers, and they were flexible with my schedule. When I look at it now, it wasn’t really that bad. 6:30 isn’t ridiculously late, and everyone I’ve talked to since, enjoyed the dinner. At the end of the day, nobody complained, so that’s a success in my book!

The next few days were rough. Somehow, I came down with a cold, but was in denial the whole time and pushed through. I’m thinking it was from stress and overworking myself over the course of the last week and a half. Between working longer hours, putting out almost 50 dinners last week/making over 20 deliveries, running outside in the cold and wind five days a week, spending time at the gym with poor air circulation, and failing to sanitize grocery carts with an average of 10 visits to the store weekly, I figured that was a pretty good recipe for a cold. I woke up after my Thursday dinners and I felt awful, but I figured I was just tired, so naturally I kept going. I spent the whole weekend convincing myself that I wasn’t sick, so I kept busy. I was able to get my monthly interview done, have dinner with a long time vegan one night and some other friends the next night, and of course plan for another busy Monday! I’m still getting over the cold a little bit, but it is cleared up enough to the point where I’m not disgusting.

After Thursday and the rough weekend, I went right into my Meatless Monday dinners. I didn’t have too many dinners, but I still had enough to stay busy all day. It always amazes me when I say that “I didn’t have too many dinners” because I still had 16. When I first started this six months ago, I was afraid to get more than 10. I never even came close to 10 dinners until this January! It blows my mind how much things have grown in such a short amount of time.

The last week has been a mix of overwhelming stress, exhaustion, recovery, and amazement. I am thankful for each and every of those moments, though. Through the stress, I was able to stay remarkably calm. It actually shocked me. With exhaustion came freedom. I realized that it was alright to do the absolute necessity and I didn’t have to go over the top.

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