Weekly Update: March 22-28

This week has been a very up and down! I have gone from being insanely busy between dinners and the market, to having a slower day for orders. As usual, I ended last week with my Thursday dinners. I had the Winter Maker’s Market over the weekend, which went very well. I am really excited to announce some different options thanks to one of the new vendors. Monday was a slower day, but it was much needed after the week before. As usual, I am preparing for my Thursday night dinners. It’s looking like it will be a busy day!

Last week, I left off with the Thursday dinners. The day went really well. Everything went fairly smooth, and I got through the day with little to no stress. The deliveries got a little crazy since I found myself running all around town, but it wasn’t bad. It was actually kind of fun getting to go so many different places. I ended up with a delivery on the mountain, which was a pleasant change. I usually don’t like the mountain because it’s snowy, muddy, dirty, or a lot of bugs, but when it isn’t snowing this time of year, it can be nice. I felt like this was one of my most successful Thursday dinners I have had in a while. I think part of it was the timing of everything, but I was also really excited about the dinner itself.

Friday was busy as well. I had to shop and prepare for the market. As usual, it was a late night, but it wasn’t as late as other nights. I managed my time well, and was able to get done baking around 10 PM. Usually I’m baking until closer to 11 PM, so I was relieved to get done earlier. Market Saturdays are always long days. I actually woke up before my alarm, so having an extra 15 minutes to gather myself helped a lot. I went into the morning feeling calm and prepared. I was out the door almost a half hour earlier than usual, and I felt good about going into the day. That all changed when I started baking, though. Usually I don’t have problems with cupcakes, but Saturday was one of those days. I miscalculated on my lemon cupcake batter and they turned out a little chewy. I had a couple of people try them, and they didn’t think so, but I still wasn’t confident enough to serve them to customers. I decided to remake all of the lemon cupcakes, which was incredibly frustrating and time consuming. At that point, I was spinning. I was forgetting things left and right and had to redo so many things. I was making baked donuts and in the second batch, I forgot sugar. I knew something wasn’t right, but I had no idea until I tasted the finished product. I ended up throwing a half dozen donuts away and making another batch. I also forgot a pan of banana cupcakes in the oven. They got a lot darker than I liked and I wasn’t willing to serve them. They tasted delicious, but I still ended up making another batch. In the first attempt at remaking the banana cupcakes, I forgot sugar, and threw the batter away. I finally got the batter right and just had to run with it. It was one of the most stressful mornings I have had in a very long time. I was questioning why I put myself through all of that to stand behind a table for four hours. Once I got to the market, I was reminded why. When I got to talk with a handful of returning customers and quite a few newer people my attitude and perspective completely shifted. I was reminded why I love doing this, and two hours of stress isn’t going to be enough for me to quit or completely give up.

After the weekend, I had my Meatless Monday dinners. I didn’t have as many orders as usual. It wasn’t a bad thing though. I was still recovering from the weekend. It was just a good, steady day. I made my deliveries, which only took an hour and was able start organizing for Thursday!

The rest of the week has been spent catching up on personal and business related things. I am getting ready to prep for a very busy Thursday. Probably one of the busiest yet! I am looking forward to another busy day.

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