Product Review: Mom’s Munchies Choco-Fit – Almond Sea Salt

I must be craving dessert, because the last two product reviews have been sweet treats. I always love seeing different vegan dessert products, because I’m constantly looking for ways to satisfy my sweet tooth.  This week is a product that I’m relatively familiar with. I have tried the Mom’s Munchies brand before, but their products haven’t been available in Casper until the last month or so. I was excited to see that the store finally started carrying a few of their products .

For starters, the packaging isn’t that appealing. If I didn’t know the brand prior to seeing it at Natural Grocers, I wouldn’t have picked it out. I recognized the minimalist packaging and the logo, which caught my eye.  I remember trying a few of their desserts while I was living in New York. It has been a few years, so I don’t specifically remember which product I tried. I do remember that it was chocolatey, and quite tasty. I had pretty high expectations for this product. There was something I really liked about the simple packaging and the way that the label looked individually printed. It makes the product seem as though it is made in small batches and crafted by a smaller business. Aside from the packaging, the ingredients also were pleasing to me. The bar had seven simple ingredients: unsweetened dark chocolate, raw organic coconut butter, organic cashew butter, raw organic blue agave nectar, organic roasted almonds, vanilla, Maine sea salt. Based on that, I was really excited to try it!


When it came to the taste test, I waited a few days to try the bar. I kept it in my purse until I was desperate for a sweet treat. The package was kind of difficult to open. It ended up being completely torn up so I could break a piece of the chocolate off. When I tried to break a piece off, it was pretty soft. I think I probably should have kept it in the refrigerator. I found it in the refrigerated section at the store, and after being out at room temperature for a while, it was almost too soft to handle. When I tried it though, it was absolutely perfect. It tasted like a chocolate truffle. The chocolate itself was so creamy and rich. It was a really nice dark chocolate flavor, and the coconut and cashew butter made it incredibly smooth. I was pleasantly surprised when I didn’t taste any of the butters. I was amazed at how much it tasted like a truffle. The almonds and sea salt were a nice balance to the richness of the chocolate itself. I was in love! Needless to say, it was devoured in one sitting.

Overall, I would highly recommend this as a great alternative to a regular chocolate bar. It tasted a lot more like a truffle, which I liked. It made it feel much more indulgent. I rarely get treats that resemble chocolate truffles, so I am excited that something like this is available at the regular grocery store!

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