Weekly Update: March 29 – April 4

This week has been another one of those that has been full of ups and downs. As always, I left off with my Thursday night dinners. I got to have the weekend off, but still spent it cooking. My dinners this week have been slower, but it has allowed me time to catch up on life and take care of myself.

Last Thursday was one of my busiest days yet! I think it was probably the second busiest day ever. I always get excited when I make a tofu dish that is well received. Most of that comes from the stigma that tofu has. A lot of people think that it tastes weird or has a gross texture, which it can if it’s prepared wrong. I have quite a few people tell me that the love it after trying a dinner! My deliveries actually went really well too! Usually when I have over 10 deliveries, I get stressed or worried that I won’t be able to deliver on time, but that wasn’t the case. Everything was timed perfectly! I was actually shocked at how smooth the day went.

After Thursday, I was pretty spent. I used the next two days to recover. Sunday was Easter, so I decided I wanted to make brunch. It was a small brunch with my mom and fiancĂ©, but it was exactly what I wanted. I wasn’t going to make that much, but I decided to make cinnamon rolls with a “cream cheese” icing, and a leek and Brussels sprout frittata with mushroom bacon. I also got the rest of my mushrooms on Sunday! I have been really excited about these locally grown mushrooms from a business called Fungus Among Us. They are USDA organic certified and produce enough for bulk orders, which I have been taking advantage of! I have probably eaten mushrooms everyday for the past week, because I can’t get enough of them. I may or may not have a serious obsession. Everyone else is probably sick of them by now…

Naturally, Monday’s dinner featured my new favorite thing in the entire world: local mushrooms! I didn’t get many orders. I just figure that people around town were busy since it was the first day back to school after spring break and the day after Easter.

I wanted to let more people try the mushrooms, so I decided to make it my Thursday dinner too. To my surprise, I didn’t get many orders either. I have to realize that people either love mushrooms or hate them. For the longest time, I was one of those people who hated them. It was mostly a texture thing, so I would just stay clear!

Overall, this week has been really good. It has gone from crazy busy to pretty slow. It has allowed me a chance to recover and enjoy some family time.


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