Weekly Update: April 5-11

This week has been another good week. I left off with my Thursday dinners last week. I had the weekend off, which was much needed. Monday was an average day, nothing earth shattering came up. The rest of the week has been spent making a sorry attempt to care for myself and preparing for my Thursday dinners.

Last Thursday’s dinners went really smooth. I didn’t have a ton of orders. I’m pretty sure I had around 10. I was really excited about the menu, though. I made these croquettes from artichokes and the king oyster mushrooms from Fungus Among Us and they turned out even better than I was hoping. They almost resembled a crab cake. They were really delicious and I was kind of bummed that more people didn’t order it. I guess not everyone loves mushrooms as much as I do!

Monday was pretty smooth as well. I didn’t have a ton of orders, but I still had over 10. I remember when I first began doing dinners, I thought that I would have to stop taking orders if I ever got more than 10. Now, 10 dinners seems like a very easy day! I made one of my favorite dinners: sweet potato glass noodles with baked ginger/soy tofu, stir-fried vegetables, and peanut sauce. I didn’t get any leftover noodles or sauce, but I was glad that there were some leftover vegetables and tofu.

Tuesday I got to make some desserts for my mom to take to dinner. She asked me to make poached pears, one of my least favorite things. When I make poached pears, I try to get creative because I can’t stand a plain poached pear. This time, I drew some inspiration from my childhood. Growing up, my sister and I had a nanny and we would get our afternoon tea time. We always loved black tea (Nanny tea) and the tinned butter cookies. I thought that would be a good platform for a dessert, so I just went with it. I used earl grey tea to poach the pears, it was on top of a shortbread cookie and had a chocolate ganache and a cookie butter creme. I was actually pretty happy with how the dessert came out!

The rest of the week has been spent running around taking care of personal things. I haven’t really had any time to rest, so I am trying to do that as I type this. I look forward to a busy day tomorrow and a relaxing weekend!

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