Product Review: Coyo coconut yogurt alternative (Chocolate flavor)

For the last few months, I have been on a mission to find the best non-dairy yogurt alternative. I hadn’t even heard of the Coyo brand until I saw it on sale at my local Natural Grocers. I was immediately intrigued, because I have been making my own yogurt out of coconut milk for about a year now.

When I first came across this yogurt, it caught my eye. The packaging wasn’t anything special, but I saw that it was coconut milk based, and I got excited. I always love trying new yogurt alternatives, especially if they are coconut based! I was confused by the name of the brand at first. I think it is creative, though. I really like that there is a lid that seals on top. A lot of yogurts don’t have that, and I usually don’t eat a whole container of yogurt in one sitting. It was nice to have the option to save half for later. I didn’t mind the ingredients of the yogurt. It was just coconut cream, cocoa, probiotic cultures, tapioca, pectin, and apple juice concentrate for sweetness. I liked that it didn’t have a ton of sugar, since I usually opt for an unsweetened option. I wasn’t sure why it needed the tapioca and pectin, though. Usually coconut cream mixed with the probiotic becomes thick enough that extra thickener isn’t necessary.


I was really excited to try the yogurt. When I opened the package, I noticed that the yogurt was really light colored for being a chocolate flavor. I stirred it and it was quite thick. It was like a very thick Greek yogurt. I don’t think it needed the tapioca or pectin to help with the consistency. It almost made it too thick at that point. I decided to make my usual breakfast with it: oats, peanut butter, and fruit mixed with the yogurt. At first, I noticed that it was really tangy and had a nice cultured flavor. I loved that about it. There was a pretty strong coconut flavor from the coconut cream, which made it really creamy and rich. I didn’t taste a whole lot of chocolate, which I didn’t mind since I had just bought that flavor because it was on sale.


Overall I really liked the product. It was almost too rich, and I was barely able to finish the whole container. I thought that it had a really nice texture and flavor. It was definitely worth trying! I still don’t think it as good as the coconut yogurt that I make, but this definitely makes my top five!

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