Weekly Update: April 12-18

This week has been all over the place! I have had steady orders all week, which has been nice. I was also able to get out of town. I took three whole days of time away and was mostly able to leave work at home. As usual, I am starting preparations for my Thursday dinners, to end this week with those!

Last week, I left of with my Thursday dinners. I featured my zucchini ravioli, a dinner frequently requested by a friend. I had just under 20 orders. Anywhere between 15 and 20 dinners tends to be the sweet spot. I’m busy enough to make it a 10-11 hour day, but not so busy that I am overwhelmed. On the other hand, I’m not slow enough to sit down and rest. It just seems to be perfect. I am lucky because there tends to be quite a few days like that!

I spent the weekend in Denver. My fiancé and I went down to run a half marathon, but most of the weekend was spent eating and sleeping. The first day we went to Tasty Harmony in Ft. Collins. it was one of the first vegetarian restaurants that I went to when I first went vegan, and it’s still one of my favorites! The next morning we ran the half (13.1 miles for those who don’t know). After that, we went to Native Foods. Native Foods was actually the first all vegan restaurant I went to years ago. My mom, sister, and I were in California, and visited the Palm Desert location. It was when they only had three locations and it hadn’t made it’s way to Denver. Anyway, for that reason, Native Foods has always held a special place in my heart. We also went to Watercourse Foods. We decided to try this Brussels sprout appetizer, and it changed my life. It had a parsnip puree, fried Brussels sprouts, a chili soy sauce, and Marcona almonds. It was probably one of the top five best appetizers I have ever had! Seriously, go there and get it!!! There was a new place that we tried on the way home in Ft. Collins called the Gold Leaf Collective. It was a restaurant that began as a food truck four years ago. It was cute inside and I loved the menu. There aren’t many places that have lion’s mane mushrooms on their menu, so that was extra exciting! Of course, I had to get something that featured them. We opted for the “Mac n’ Shews” and added fried lion’s mane. It did not disappoint! The Mac itself was really good, probably one of the best that I’ve had at a restaurant in this area! On the way home, we stopped for a tour of the Luvin’ Arms Animal Sanctuary. Most of the animals there have been rescued from auctions and other farms. It really hit home and reminded me of why I went vegan in the first place. I think one of the only things that I like more than cooking is being with animals.

The morning after we got back, I shopped and prepared my dinners for Monday. It was a pretty average day. I had somewhere between 15 and 20 dinners. Everything went very smooth, and I didn’t get stressed or overwhelmed, but it was sort of difficult getting back into the swing of things after the weekend.

After Monday and a busy weekend, I was done. My body was forcing my mind to take a break. I slept in and I didn’t do any of the things that I had scheduled. I had to accept the fact that I just couldn’t keep going, and that was alright. I didn’t have anything urgent to do, so that was fine.

Next up are more Thursday dinners, and that isn’t looking insanely busy. I look forward to updating and sharing how my dinners go next week!

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