Product Review: Hail Merry Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

This week, I was torn between snack and dessert, so I decided to review a product that is the best of both worlds! I have been a huge fan of Hail Merry for years. Over all of the years, I have tried every single flavor of their tarts and all of the other macaroon bites. I hadn’t tried the chocolate chip cookie dough bites until I decided to review them. I was hoping that these would be just as good as their other products.

I must say, I love the new packaging that Hail Merry has developed. It looks so much more modern and appealing. I like that they took the monochromatic route and left their logo and the picture of the product in color. It really makes the product and brand stand out against the packaging. As far as the packaging for the bites goes, I really like the resealable top. It makes it easy to keep them fresh.  I do think that the packaging is pretty feminine looking. It really appeals to me and it definitely feels like the product is marketed towards the average woman.

When it came to the ingredients, I am never disappointed with the Hail Merry products. These ones are just made of almond flour, coconut, coconut oil, maple syrup, chocolate chips, vanilla, and salt. All of the ingredients are organic and in their unrefined, whole state. I really like that about these!


Finally, I put these to the taste test! I knew that I would like them, but I wasn’t sure how much they’d taste like cookie dough. I figured that they’d just taste like their other bites, but with added chocolate chips. I thought that they pretty much tasted like their vanilla macaroon bites, but with some chocolate chips. They weren’t bad, but not necessarily cookie dough. For what they were, they were really good! If I wanted some cookie dough, I would prefer eating regular cookie dough. If I want a good coconut macaroon with some chocolate pieces, then I will opt for this any day!


Overall, I really liked this product. I didn’t end up using the resealable zip top because I ate the whole bag in one sitting. I have a tendency to do that whenever I do these reviews. I rarely will eat a pre-made dessert, so I get very excited about these things. For those who don’t bake much and are looking for a treat that isn’t too sweet or ridiculously unhealthy, I highly recommend these!


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