Weekly Update: April 19-25

It has been such an odd week. I haven’t really been busy with dinners, but I have had a lot more dessert orders than I have had in the last month! It has actually been kind of nice. Until the last week, I hadn’t had a specific dessert order in a while, so has been fun putting those together. The rest of the week was really good. I was able to get together with some fellow vegans for dinner, and rest over the weekend.

Last week, I left off with my Thursday dinners. I didn’t have a ton of dinners, but they still kept me busy. I was actually able to get some shopping done for my dessert order then next day. I ended the week with some cupcakes and an apple pie. The pie was a lot of fun because the person who ordered it requested that I use Miyoko’s butter. Part of me tries to stay away from it, because it is over $5 for only eight ounces, but if someone wants it and is willing to pay for the butter, then I’m not complaining. The crust turned out incredible. The texture was perfect. It didn’t even taste vegan. I don’t know if I have ever had a vegan pie crust that is that flaky in my entire life. I didn’t think that it would make that big of a difference, but it really did. I am definitely making the Miyoko’s butter an option now! After I made my deliveries, a few of us got together and had a vegan dinner. There were four fellow vegans and someone who is trying to make the transition. It was a lot of fun getting that many people together, since something like that is so rare! I decided to bring a barbecue jackfruit mac n’ cheese, and I’m pretty sure it might be one of my new favorite comfort food meals. Needless to say, Friday was a very good day for food!

Over the weekend, I got to rest then I had my Monday dinners. I really didn’t get a lot of orders for the dinner. I made blackened tofu, and honestly it’s probably my favorite preparation of tofu. I was sort of bummed that other people weren’t that interested in it. I have done it a few times before, and the last time it was much more popular. Luckily, I had a cupcake order that day too, so that kept me busy!

I got through my Monday dinners and was able to take care of some other business stuff the next day. I got my interview for the month done and I am really excited about this one! I also had some more shopping to do since I had another dessert order to fill. This one was a pineapple upside down cake for a friend, and I was pretty excited about it! I think it turned out pretty well.

As I type this, I am getting ready for my Thursday dinners. There is a market over the weekend, so that will keep me busy too. I haven’t done a market in about a month, so I think I am ready to tackle the challenge again. Until next week!

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  1. Bob says:

    don’t give up on that Monday meal-it was fantastic!

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