Product Review: Follow Your Heart Sour Cream

Another new product spotted in the refrigerator section of a local Casper grocery store! Actually, I am not sure how long this one has been available, but it was my first time coming across it! I found this at Albertson’s and I was really excited. I didn’t even know that Follow Your Heart made a vegan sour cream, so I knew I had to try this one!

I don’t usually spend much time in the dairy section of Albertson’s, but I ended up there shopping with some other people. I happened to be looking at sour cream to see if there were any vegan options. Luckily, I spotted this out of the corner of my eye! It was kind of a plain looking container, and the word vegan isn’t huge on it, but it is on there and the FYH logo is very recognizable. When I saw the logo, I knew I had to pick this one up. I’ve tried all of the other FYH products and I think most of them are average. I like the mayo, but their cheese alternatives are not the best ever. They are better than Daiya, but way worse than Miyoko’s or Violife.

Looking at the ingredients, I was kind of weirded out. There are so many starches, gums, and other added ingredients. I really wasn’t sure about this one. It is soy based. It contains soy milk powder, soy protein, and soybean oil. I didn’t really like that, but I was still curious.


When it came to the taste test, I decided to stir the product and try it right off of the spoon. My initial reaction was that it didn’t taste like sour cream. To be honest, I don’t know if I really know what dairy based sour cream tastes like. I know what my cashew sour cream tastes like, but that was the only comparison I had. It was a little tangy, but I could definitely taste the soy. It really tasted like soy milk sour cream. I personally don’t like soy milk, so I wasn’t really able to eat the stuff on it’s own. I could use it as a condiment or mix it into something and be fine, but the flavor was too strong for me. I also had an issue with the texture. It was really lumpy even after stirring pretty well with a spoon. I didn’t feel like it was necessary to break out a whisk, so I just settled with lumpy sour cream. I tried stirring it again after a few days and it still didn’t totally smooth out.


Overall, I thought that this product was average. It wasn’t anything great, but if I had to use it in a pinch I would. I don’t really use enough sour cream to justify buying it.

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