Tip of the Week: Sleep on it

Over the years, I’ve always heard about people soaking their beans overnight. I actually wrote my very first weekly tip about the benefits of soaking beans. I seem to have a problem of little space and time, though. This tip is simple, but it is my solution to this problem.

For starters, I only have two large enough pots to cook beans, I also don’t have a pressure cooker. Since I have started delivering meals, I have had many days that are so busy that I will not have a pot big enough for all of the beans I need to cook. I also rarely have enough time and stove space to cook beans the day of a dinner. I have decided that the easiest solution to that problem is by using my slow cooker! There have been a lot of days that cooking over a gallon of beans requires more stove space and larger pots than I have. Usually I will start soaking the beans in the afternoon. By the time I am ready to go to bed the beans have had six to eight hours to soak. I will just throw my soaked beans and spices into the slow cooker, turn it on low, sleep on it, and come back in six hours to perfectly cooked beans! This isn’t always the most desirable way to cook my food, but it works. It has definitely relieved a lot of stress from my life on busy days!

This tip can be great for people who are prepping for a large amount of people, or even for those who just like fresh cooked beans for breakfast. I know I like beans with my breakfast burritos or on my avocado toast every once in a while! I know that this tip has saved me from a lot of stress, I hope it does the same for others.

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