Weekly Update: April 26 – May 2

How has another month already gone by?!? I can’t believe how fast this year is going by. It has been an eventful year, but I guess the saying “time flies when you’re having fun” is really true. I have enjoyed working more in the last four months than I have in my entire life! Anyway, it has been kind of a strange week. I haven’t had a single day that has been overwhelmingly busy, but each day I have had something to do, or something to work on.

As usual, last week I left off with my Thursday dinners. It wasn’t an overly busy day from what I recall. It was steady. I think I had somewhere between 10 and 15 dinner orders and a small cake. I made jackfruit enchiladas. That is one of my top five favorite meals I make without a question! There is something about taking the time to make my own tortillas and enchilada sauce that makes me feel extremely accomplished every time I make them. It also makes the difference between a mediocre enchilada and a really great one. It was a dinner I had done before, so I knew that it would be well received, but it was still good to hear a few people tell me what they thought of it.

The next day was interesting. I had a dessert order to prepare. It was a large pie and a dozen cupcakes. It wasn’t a lot, but I had to have it all done in about two hours. I had the morning to work on the order, then I had some other obligations to attend to before the afternoon delivery. Everything went well, but I was pretty exhausted by the end of the day. Unfortunately for me, my day was only half through after that ¬†delivery. I still needed to shop and prep for the market the next morning.

I thought that I was going to be really excited and rested for the farmer’s market since I hadn’t done one in a month, but that wasn’t the case at all. I was pretty spent after running around all day on Friday. When it came to my evening of baking, my exhaustion was definitely taking hold. I had ambitions of making all of these things, but ended up with a dozen and a half brownies and eight mini cheesecakes. I suppose that isn’t bad for about two hours of work! There was also a trip to the store somewhere in the middle of that. I initially went to get baking soda and cornstarch. While at the store, I remembered I needed organic powdered sugar and non-hydrogenated vegetable shortening. I got home and remembered I forgot the baking soda and cornstarch. I had to give up on the idea of cookies and had to settle for the brownies and cheesecakes. The next morning went much better. All of my baking came off without a hitch. I didn’t have to remake anything. I was really happy with how things were coming out, even with my lack of sleep! The market went well, but it was a lot slower than it had been. My first customer was a woman who was passing through from Las Vegas. She happened to be vegan and got incredibly excited. I loved getting to talk with her and she tried everything that I had! The next day she sent me a message on the VIW Facebook page telling me how much she loved everything and how she wished that she would have bought more. That made my whole day! I live for moments like that. Whenever I get to brighten someone else’s day by offering something needed, but unexpected it brightens my day as well! I felt really energized by the entire interaction with that woman. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start the market!

After the busy weekend, I had my Meatless Monday dinners. Once again, I had just over one dozen dinners. It was a steady and productive day, but not at all stressful. It was actually kind of fun because I had a family order dinners with tofu instead of tempeh, so in a way it felt like I wasn’t cooking the same thing all day. Once I got about one-third of the way through my deliveries, I realized that all but two of them were to vegans, vegetarians, or people who wanted to go vegan! When I noticed that, I became really excited and it made me realize how much things are changing. I had one delivery to a family of vegetarians, one delivery to someone who is trying to go vegan, and three deliveries to people who are completely vegan! I would have never thought that was even possible a year ago! Just writing about it makes me excited to see the future of veganism here in Casper, WY!

The rest of the week has been spent organizing myself for a party I’m catering over the weekend, preparing for my Thursday dinners and recipe testing. I have figured out a stuffed pastry recipe that I am looking forward to using in the summer months! I want to use more local produce when it is available, and one way I want to do that is in the form of a savory pastry. The summer farmer’s markets begin in just one short month, so I am excited to feature those at that time.

Overall it has been a really great week! I will have a busy week ahead, but I am really looking forward to it, and I look forward to sharing how everything goes next week!

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