Weekly Update: May 3-9

What a week!! It has been a very busy week and a lot has happened. When I left off last week, I had my Thursday dinners. I had a catering over the weekend. As a result of posting one of the desserts, I got a dessert order for the next day. Monday was one of the busiest days I have had in a while, and the rest of the week has been spent trying to catch up on life.

Last Thursday, I only had a few dinner orders. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing since I had a busy weekend ahead of me. I spent all of Friday prepping and organizing for the delivery I had on Saturday. It was a party for ten people. I did a salad course with a balsamic vinaigrette, spinach artichoke dip with homemade garlic knots, zucchini ravioli with polenta, homemade pasta with roasted mushrooms, chocolate raspberry bars, and sugar sandwich cookies filled with chocolate ganache. It was a lot of fun since I rarely get to do things like that and I am always focusing on making one dish each time I cook. It made for a very full day, but it was worth it, and I really enjoyed preparing everything. The night before I happened to post the chocolate raspberry bars and ended up getting an order in for them almost immediately. That rarely happens, so that was exciting. I ended up delivering that order the day after the party.

I didn’t really get a day off over the weekend like I normally do, which was pretty exhausting, but I somehow managed to push through my Monday dinners. I had a lot of orders for Monday. More than I have had in a couple of weeks, but it all went well. I got to use lion’s mane mushrooms from Fungus Among Us. Most of my customers hadn’t heard of them or tried them before, so it was a great conversation starter and I got to share some information about another local business! Everything went well and surprisingly, all of my deliveries went according to my schedule (which never happens when I have more than ten).

The last two days have been spent recovering from the multiple 11-12 hour days I have had. I don’t have as many orders for Thursday dinners this week, but I have a dessert order that will keep me busy half of the day! This weekend will be interesting because we will be traveling to a place that isn’t very vegan friendly for Mother’s Day. Next week, I look forward to sharing all of “on the road eats” and how everything else is going!

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