Tip of the Week: Almond Pulp

First of all, almond pulp is the result of making homemade almond milk. After soaking and blending almonds with water, the mixture is strained through a nut milk bag, a fine chinois, layers of cheesecloth, or cloth towels. There is a pulp that remains, which is just the fiber from the almonds. A lot of times, people don’t know what to do with the pulp afterwards and it goes to waste. This tip is to help solve that problem!

There are two main things I use my almond pulp for. I make almond ricotta, or I will make almond parmesan. I have also made crackers and cookies, but the ricotta and parmesan are the most practical. To make ricotta, I take the almond pulp, add a little water if it is too dry and crumbly, then add salt, apple cider vinegar, and miso to taste. I make almond ricotta almost every week. It is great on roasted veggies, anything Italian, or mixed with agave for a sweet condiment!  It has gotten to the point that I will just make almond ricotta, and the almond milk is a bonus! It is super versatile and keeps for up to a week in the refrigerator! When it comes to making the almond parmesan, there are only a few different steps. Once again, I start with the almond pulp. When making parmesan, it should be drier. I will add salt, miso, and vinegar to taste, spread it out on a parchment lined sheet pan, and bake it at 300ºF until it becomes dried out and lightly browned. The browning provides a slightly nutty flavor, while drying it out concentrates the saltiness, tang, and funk from the miso and vinegar to create a flavor similar to parmesan. I let the mixture cool completely, then pulse it in the food processor until it resembles the texture of parmesan.

I definitely don’t make the parmesan alternative as much as the ricotta, but they are both incredibly versatile and easy to make. I highly recommend trying one of these out! It’s like getting a great two for one deal. Fresh almond milk, plus another fresh, homemade dairy alternative!

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