Weekly Update: May 17-23

What a week! I seriously can’t believe that only one week has passed since my last update. It has been a crazy week. Business hasn’t been overly busy, but there have been some personal things that have been keeping me very busy. Last week, I left off with my Thursday dinners. Over the weekend, my fiancé and I moved into our house. Monday, I got to cook in my new kitchen, and the rest of the week has been spent organizing for Thursday dinners and a catering I have over the weekend.

Last week’s Thursday dinners went well. They were a lot of fun to make, and I had an average amount of orders. I made potstickers, and they are definitely one of my favorites. Whenever I eat potstickers, it reminds me of being a teenager. My sister and I would go to Natural Grocers and get the frozen veggie potstickers and spring rolls and eat the entire bag as a meal. They really are comfort food to me!

The next three days were spent moving and packing. I really underestimated the amount of kitchen supplies I have. I had been using two different kitchens, and I finally combined everything I have. I thought I was going to have all of this room with a bigger kitchen, and I have already used every single cabinet and drawer in the kitchen. The move was exhausting, but totally worth it. By the end of the weekend, it felt like we had spent three weeks moving instead of three days.

Monday dinners went well. I didn’t have a lot of orders, but I really enjoyed making them. I got to use the kitchen, and all of the counter space made me want to keep cooking even after I was done with the dinners. In the new kitchen, I have at least three times the counter space and cabinet space. I have stainless steel prep tables on the way, and that will give me an additional 30 feet of work space! Making dinners and prepping for markets just got so much easier!

Over the past couple of days, I have been organizing for a few appetizers I have to deliver for a party this weekend. It will be for roughly 40 people, which will be the biggest order I have done other than cookies and cupcakes so far! I am looking forward to making my Thursday dinners this week. I am excited about the dinner, and I am really looking forward to spending more time in my new kitchen! I look forward to sharing how the large delivery goes next week!

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