Product Review: Good Pop Cookies n’ Cream

I must say, popsicles are probably my favorite go-to summer treat! I love them. There is something really satisfying about going into the freezer and pulling out a popsicle. They are convenient, refreshing, easy to eat, and now they are available in so many different flavors, what isn’t to love?! I have been a fan of Good Pop for the last year or so. I first discovered their products at Ridley’s here in Casper. Last summer, I was hooked on their orange creamsicles and the coconut lime pops. I recently came across the cookies n’ cream flavor, and I knew I had to try them.


I love all of the Good Pop boxes. Their packaging is really fun and it definitely appeals to me. On each of their boxes, they make the colors match the flavor itself. For example, the lime coconut flavor has green accent colors, and the orange creamsicle has light orange accents. I like that it labels vegan right on the front so I don’t have to go searching for ingredients. Not all of their products are vegan, so I always double check just in case. The pop itself is coconut based and it has gluten-free chocolate cookies mixed in. Naturally, the gluten-free cookies contain some gums and starches. The only weird ingredient in the base is guar gum, which is really common in ice cream anyway, and it doesn’t surprise me.


I anxiously awaited the taste test. I almost took one out of the box in the store parking lot, but I thought that would be unnecessary. I used enough restraint to save one until after dinner. First of all, I was expecting a coconut flavor because the first ingredient is coconut cream. To my surprise, I didn’t get that at all! I got to the cookie and could tell that it was gluten-free, but it was like any other gluten-free cookie in other ice creams and it didn’t bother me too much. I thought the ratio of cookie to cream base was just about perfect, and the texture was really nice. I was expecting the pop to be pretty hard due to the nature of popsicles, but it wasn’t like that. It was almost like an ice cream. After about five minutes, it became even softer, and just reminded me of ice cream on a stick. I liked that a lot about this product.

Overall, I really enjoyed this product. It is a great option for a summer treat! Really the only complaint I had was the slight grittiness of the gluten-free cookie, and I am ridiculously picky when it comes to gluten-free desserts. I will definitely get these again!

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