Weekly Update: May 24-30

Another week has already come and gone! I left off with my Thursday orders last week, my week didn’t end there, though. I was busy the next two days prepping for a large appetizer order I had over the weekend. I was able to take the rest of the weekend and Memorial Day off, and I sent some desserts to the ladies from the V Spot Podcast in New York.

I had an smaller amount of dinners last Thursday. I wasn’t super busy, which ended up woking well, since I had something come up in the afternoon. As always, I was pretty excited about the dinner since I got to use some more local mushrooms! I have been featuring them a lot lately, but people seem to be liking them.

The following two days were very busy. I had an order for appetizers for 40 people. I ended up doing a spinach artichoke dip with homemade garlic knots, baba ganoush with roasted carrots, potstickers, and two dozen cookies. Lucky for me, the dips were fairly easy to make and didn’t take a very long time. The potstickers on the other hand took me forever. I ended up making over 100 potstickers and from start to finish it took me almost five hours. Everything went really smooth, though. I was surprised that I was able to accomplish that in under 24 hours! As I was driving home after the delivery, I started thinking about the day. I had a lot of fun preparing that order and I felt really good afterwards. I don’t always get that after I am done delivering meals. Maybe there will be a future in catering for me! At this point, I have no idea, but it was a fun thought to entertain.

After the catering, I was exhausted. Luckily I had the next few days off. My fiancé and I went down to Boulder the day after I had that delivery. It was nice to relax, eat good food, and get out of town. We went down for the Bolder Boulder 10K and of course we ate a lot! We didn’t really go anywhere new or different, but ended up going to Native Foods and Watercourse, which are always great! The race is always fun. I obviously love running it, but one of my favorite parts is the expo and seeing all of the sponsors. This year we got some great things in our snack bags. There was the new smoothie filled Clif Bar, and that was amazing! I highly recommend those. I’m usually not a fan of Clif Bars, but the smoothie filled one was really tasty. There was also a booth with Vega protein samples and I got a couple of packs to take with me. The booth that surprised me the most was the Lightlife and Field Roast one. They were giving away Field Roast sausages and Lightlife hot dogs! I could have done without the “clean, organic protein” aka jerky or the Chick Fil A cow dancing in the middle of the race plus the full on Chick Fil A stage at the post race expo. Overall, I was pretty happy with the vegan options that were provided. As always, I wish there were more!

After returning from the weekend out of town, I had a fun dessert project that I sent out to Schenectady, NY. It was for Dani and Katt from the V Spot Podcast. I have been listening for about a month now, and I have loved every minute of it. I highly recommend it! If anything, I suggest going to listen to episode 21. They give me a shoutout and talk a little about Vegan in Wyoming and my Instagram account. I got really excited and wasn’t expecting it at all! I sent them some cookies and brownies, so hopefully they enjoy everything!

All in all, this week has been really good! I have had a lot of fun with orders. Between the catering and sending some things to people in the mail, things have been great! Going into next week, I have quite a few dessert orders to fill over the weekend, which will be fun. I love it when I get custom orders, so I look forward to updating how those go next week!

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