Product Review: Zen Almond Milk Chocolate Pudding

I did not expect get this product when I entered the store. I wasn’t looking for pudding, and I didn’t think that I would find a non-dairy pudding at a conventional grocery store. I have seen some at Natural Grocers, but there hasn’t been anywhere else in town that I have found it at. I found this right next to the other dairy pudding at Albertson’s. I was kind of excited because pudding cups make me feel like a little kid, even though I never really ate pudding cups as a child.

When I was at the store, I wasn’t looking for  pudding. I just happened to be in the area near where the pudding is. Something compelled me to look to see if there was a non-dairy option, and after scanning the whole section, I found this! Honestly the packaging didn’t stand out to me at all. The word “almond milk” is on it, but that was the only thing that helped me identify that it was dairy free. In tiny letters on the bottom of the sleeve are the words “dairy free”, but I barely noticed that. The package doesn’t have the vegan symbol anywhere nor does it say vegan on it, so I had to read the ingredients just in case. It didn’t really have that many ingredients, which surprised me. There were a few weird gums and thickeners like locust bean gum and carrageenan, but that was the worst of it.


For the taste test, I didn’t do anything special. I just ate it out of the cup. That really made me feel like a little kid! I tried to lick the seal, but it didn’t come off of the top very easily. I stirred the pudding up and I could definitely tell it was thickened with cornstarch. Once I got around to eating the actual thing, I was kind of surprised. It really wasn’t bad. I thought that it had alright texture and the flavor was pretty chocolatey. It wasn’t super rich, but I could tell that it was actual cocoa. To say it tasted like regular pudding would be misleading because I honestly don’t have the slightest clue what dairy pudding tastes like. It wasn’t bad though!


Overall I liked this product. I really don’t eat much pudding, so I don’t see myself getting it in the near future just to have. If I’m really craving chocolate pudding out of a little cup, I will definitely go for this again!

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