Weekly Update: May 31 – June 6

It has been a busy week! I left off with my Thursday dinners last week, then I had two orders over the weekend. I had a few orders for my Meatless Monday dinner, then I went straight into prep for the market. It has been a really fun week and it just makes me  excited for the rest of the summer!

Last week, I left off with my Thursday dinners. I don’t remember how many orders I had right off, but the day went well. I was done cooking by lunch time, so I got the afternoon to take care of some personal things. After I made all of my deliveries, we had dinner with a friend and I got to bring some of the dinners I had prepared. I rarely get to see people’s reactions when they eat my food, so it was really exciting to see someone love my food that much!

The next two days were spent working on some custom dessert orders. The first order I had was one for a nine inch, three layer cake with a couple dozen cupcakes. I actually like decorating cakes. It allows the extreme perfectionist in me to come out. It takes forever to get the frosting perfectly smooth, but it is worth it and there is something that is very therapeutic about it. The cupcakes were easy, so I just spent half the afternoon perfecting the cake. The other order I had was for someone who was visiting for the weekend. One of the ladies was vegan, so they were excited to have found me. I had some cupcakes and a cheesecake for that order, and that didn’t take long to prepare. I really enjoyed having those orders because they helped break up the focus on dinners and savory food.

After a day off, I had my Meatless Monday dinners. Those went well. As usual, I was done about an hour or so before I had to deliver, which was nice. The next day, I got to spend all day in the kitchen. I had the very first summer farmer’s market to prepare for. I ended up making a ton of stuff, which was good since I ended up selling out of a few items. The market went really well. There were a lot more people there than I expected. I got to meet some new people, but it was nice to see my returning customers as well. It was a nice balance of people. To my surprise, the most asked question I received was if I made my desserts myself… I wasn’t sure how to take that. I thought that was such an odd question. I’m not sure exactly what they meant by that, but it was very strange. Anyway, everyone I got to talk to really enjoyed everything, so I was happy. I just really enjoy doing the markets because I don’t get much human interaction when I’m cooking by myself all day, so it allows me to socialize with the community.

Tomorrow I will have my usual Thursday dinners. After that, I have a pretty big day for dessert orders. I have my Monday dinners next week, and I will be at the farmer’s market again Tuesday! I look forward to sharing how everything goes next week!

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