Product Review: Forager Project–Cheezy Greens

After reviewing the Forager Project Cashewgurt a few months ago, I became an instant fan of their products! I didn’t realize that they made such a wide variety of products until I did a little research for my review. At that time I found out about their pressed vegetable chips. I hadn’t seen them in the stores, then just a few weeks later, I saw these chips at Natural Grocers! Of course after seeing them, I knew that I wanted to try them and eventually review them.

For starters, all of the Forager Project products are easy to distinguish. Their writing is all the same, but it is different from any other product on the shelf. I didn’t have to look hard for these chips! The writing stood out to me, and after doing my research, I knew what the package looked like. As I said before, I liked the packaging a lot. It is very simple and looks pretty appealing. Anything that doesn’t have a huge, obnoxious logo, or neon colors is a winner in my book! When I began looking at the bag, I really appreciated that there were a lot of vegetables and grains packed into the chip. I wasn’t expecting that, even though it is marketed as a “pressed vegetable chip”. There were a few ingredients that weren’t thrilling, but that happens with a processed product. It contained palm olein and tapioca solids, which were the weird ingredients, in my opinion.

I was really excited for the taste test! I had a feeling they’d be good, but sometimes with a vegan “cheezy” flavored product I’m skeptical. I was also unsure how I felt about the vegetable part. I wasn’t sure what the texture would be like and I wondered if they would taste vegetal. When I opened the bag, I was instantly hit with a cheesy aroma. It didn’t smell like vegetables, which surprised me. Once I finally tried a chip, I was instantly hooked. I honestly don’t have a single complaint about these chips. The texture was good. The chip was surprisingly thin and crisp. There was a lot of the spice mixture on the chips, and it was delicious! There was a good balance of all of the spices, and it really made the chips taste pretty cheesy.


I loved this product! I don’t eat chips very often, so it’s a treat when I do. I had to use a lot of self control so I didn’t eat all of these in one sitting. They were really good, and I will definitely be getting them again.

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