Product Review: Go Raw Zesty Pizza Sprouted Flax Snax

Once again, I am on the go and traveling for the weekend. That means that I am reaching for as many grab-and-go snacks as I possibly can! I am always afraid of getting hungry during road trips and not wanting anything from the gas station. As a result, I tend to stock up on way too many snacks before I go anywhere. This week, I wanted to try something different, but something that would still satisfy my hunger. I decided to pick up a bag of these from Natural Grocers. I’ve never tried any of the Go Raw products before, but I like snacks that are packed with seeds or nuts because the keep me full and satisfy the craving for something crunchy.

This isn’t something I’d normally pick up, but there was something about the idea of a pizza flavored cracker that sounded intriguing to me. I have seen these crackers before, but I haven’t really been excited to try them, so I figured I would take them with me to snack on. Overall, I like the packaging. The the bag isn’t overly thick like other plastic bag packaging. I have noticed that some plastic snack bags are hard to reach into because they’re difficult to bend, or the top doesn’t open and stay open easily. A lot of times, when I can’t reach into a bag, I end up pouring the contents into my hand, and get way too much, so having something as simple as that for the packaging really makes a difference. When it came to the ingredients, they are as clean as they get. The product is just flax seed, sunflower seed, sesame seeds, tomato powder, spices, and salt. I was pretty excited about that because I knew exactly what I was getting.


When I opened the bag, it smelled like marinara sauce! I tried a piece, and it was surprisingly good. I really liked the texture. It was pretty cracker like, but the amount of flax wasn’t overwhelming because of the sunflower seeds. The sunflower seeds added a nice break, while the flax seeds were good for binding everything. The end result was something that was a lot less chewy and hard than I expected! I thought that it just tasted like a marinara sauce. It vaguely resembled pizza. I expected something more cheesy.


Overall, I liked this product. I will definitely be happily snacking on these all week! I think these would be really good with a vegan “cheese” dip or with hummus. I like that they have lots of fiber to keep me full and whole ingredients to nourish me during busy times!

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