Product Review: Primal Kitchen Vegan Ranch

It has been a while since I have reviewed a condiment, so I figured it was about time. I especially think this one is fitting with the warmer weather. I find myself eating a lot more salads, and more often than not, I will just get a bottled dressing instead of making my own. I wasn’t a fan of ranch dressing until I went vegan, but within the last few years, I have found that it isn’t so bad. I happened to be at Natural Grocers looking for a different salad dressing, and I came across this. It looked interesting, but I was very skeptical, since I haven’t really had a good alternative other than the Follow Your Heart brand.

I first noticed that the bottle just said “VEGAN RANCH” so I was attracted to it. I wasn’t sure because the color wasn’t super white, and it was also advertised as being “Whole 30 and Paleo”, which made me hesitant. I decided to pick it up anyway, and give it a try. As I was scanning the label, I noticed that there was a little part on the back that said “Primal and Paleo friendly–Nothing synthetic or artificial. Real-food ingredients only.” That bothered me because it contained “gum acacia”, which is basically a gum made from the hardened sap from acacia trees. It contained “cream of tartar”, which is a byproduct of winemaking, it is an acid consisting of potassium, hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. It also contained guar gum, which is a gum extracted from guar beans. I don’t really see those products as “real-food”. I understand they are stabilizers for the product to be help stableize it and achieve the proper thickness, but I think the label “real-food” can be misleading.


When it came to the taste test, I was very cautious. I have tried so many bad vegan ranch dressings that I was afraid it was going to be disgusting. I put a tiny teaspoon on the edge of my plate, and dipped a piece of lettuce in it. At first I just tasted a really vinegary flavor, then I tasted the lettuce. It wasn’t the worst thing in the world, so I put it on a salad later that day. I thought that it was sort of creamy. It definitely wasn’t as creamy as other ranch dressings. It was more on the vinaigrette side. It had a bright acidity and the base seemed more on the verge of oily than creamy. It was emulsified well, but it just didn’t hit the creamy factor. There were also a lot of herbs in the dressing. I liked that, but I thought that some of the herbs made it taste less like ranch. I liked the dressing as a salad dressing, but I couldn’t think of it as ranch. When I thought of it as a ranch dressing, I was disappointed. When I thought of it as just any other salad dressing, I thought it was alright.

Overall, I liked this product for what it was, not as a ranch dressing. I thought that it had a pretty good flavor and was well seasoned. It just didn’t really hit all of the notes I would expect when getting a ranch dressing. I like it as a creamier option while still feeling kind of light. I’m not certain if I will be getting this dressing again, but it was worth the try.

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  1. Lisa Powell says:

    Good to know! ‘Just’ brand dressings are really good. The ranch is yummy and the Caesar is phenomenal! Full of fat, but so tasty. I really like ‘Just’ mayo, too.


    1. I haven’t tried the ‘Just’ brand yet! Where did you get it again?


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