Weekly Update: June 28 – July 4

I must be honest, the last week has kind of been a blur. A lot has been going on, and I am somehow keeping up. I ended last week with my Thursday dinners. I had family in town over the weekend, and I didn’t take any orders. Monday was one of the busiest dinners I have had in a while! I had the farmer’s market on Tuesday, which made for a busy day. It’s the 4th of July, so I am taking some time to catch up on some personal things and organize for a busy day tomorrow.

Last Thursday was a slower day. I had less orders than I have been doing, so I wasn’t working on those for very long. It was a great dinner though. I think it turned out to be one of my favorites to date. I got to use some locally grown herbs and greens for the dinner, and I really enjoyed it. It amazes me how much more appreciation I have for food when I know the person who grew it and where it came from!

Over the weekend, I ended up doing a dinner for my family. None of them had ever had a completely vegan meal, so that went over well. I got to introduce some people to quinoa, which surprised me. Sometimes I forget that a lot of people don’t eat the way I do. As a result, the food I make for people is really interesting to them. Most of the time, I live in a little vegan bubble and over half of the other people I interact with are fellow vegans.

Monday was a busy day. I had more orders than usual, which ended up being great! I made something a little different, but I think it turned out really well. Honestly, it was a pretty easy day. I was done prepping in about five hours and I got to take care of some other things before my deliveries.

Tuesday was busy because of the farmer’s market. I didn’t feel like I was prepared all day. It started in the morning. Usually I will go for a 5 AM run before I start prepping, and I decided to skip that. I was not feeling myself and I felt anxious all morning. I didn’t really have motivation to prep for the market, but I did it anyway. I somehow ended up making everything that I had planned on. There were a few disasters on the way. I had two deliveries right before the market. I was rushing out the door and I ended up leaving my table at home, so I ran back and got that before my second delivery. When I got to the market, I opened the cooler and almost all of my cupcakes had slid around. I wasn’t going to sell them, but ended up getting rid of all of them in one swoop. The market went well. I ended up selling out after an hour and a half, so I got to go home early. After the kind of day I had, I was thrilled!

Tomorrow will be another busy day. I have a good amount of dinner orders, and have a small cake to deliver in the morning. Lucky for me cakes are easy and I am pretty good at them now. It’ll be a good day, but I will definitely be busy. I will share how everything goes next week!

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